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How Tea Tree Oil Helps Your Hair

More people have become aware of the benefits of essential oils and how the oils are able to improve their daily lives in recent years. Essential oils are able to solve many problems, such as pain, acne, and dandruff in a natural way, rather than using drugs or chemicals to treat these same problems. Tea Tree oil, especially, has been proven to have many benefits from treating more serious problems like skin infections, to more practical everyday uses like it in household cleaning spray because of its fantastic antimicrobial properties. However, the greatest benefits of tea tree oil are the amazing ways it nourishes, protects, and revitalizes hair.

Scalp Health

One of the greatest ways tea tree oil helps hair is improving the health of the scalp. Massaging tea tree oil into the scalp, it ensures that the skin is clean and healthy. Tree oil moisturizes the dry skin of the scalp and clears up dandruff, as well as unblocks oil from hair follicles to promote the growth of thick healthy hair. Tea tree oil is such an effective treatment for dandruff because, not only does it moisturize and unblock follicles, but it is able to soothe the irritation of an itchy scalp. In order to get the full benefits of tea tree oil to promote scalp health, add drops of the oil to conditioner and leave it in a few minutes before washing it off.

Strong Healthy Hair

Tea tree oil’s benefits for hair extend far beyond the scalp, as it can greatly promote the growth of stronger and healthier hair. According to, adding tea tree oil regularly to a haircare routine will “nourish [the] hair from within, thereby making them stronger and shinier on the outside.” To ensure that the hair is able to properly absorb the nutrition, the Indian beauty website suggests, “tea tree oil when blended with carrier oils like almond oil, jojoba oil, makes one such hair oil which promises to give you a healthy hair growth.” Using a carrier oil as suggested guarantees the user will receive the full benefits from the oil treatment, and decrease the possibility of hair or scalp becoming more irritated from the concentrated essential oil.

Reversing Hair Loss

Tea tree oil does not only benefit the scalp and the existing hair, but it is also able to reverse hair loss as well. It is unable to help those who have experienced hair loss from autoimmune disorders or aging; however, it can benefit those who have experienced hair loss due to poor scalp health, and for those that overuse shampoos and other harsh ingredients. Drying hair with a blow dryer and using shampoos strip necessary moisture from hair making it dry, brittle, and prone to breaking off. However, tea tree oil reverses the effects of drying by infusing the hair with moisture and cleansing the hair from the harmful oils and chemicals that have built up on the hair over time. Those that have experienced hair loss because of blocked follicles and scalp issues can benefit greatly from using tea tree oil.

The Bottom Line

Tea tree oil is an invaluable essential oil that can help and reverse many problems people experience with their hair every day. Fortunately, it is simple and easy to add tea tree oil to any hygiene or beauty routine. Tea tree oil can be used as a massage oil, rinse-out spray, hair mask, and a hot oil treatment, outlines several recipes that can easily be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine. No matter someone’s hair type, all individuals can benefit from adding tea tree oil to their routine, especially if they want to promote thick and healthy hair growth. When using tea tree oil a person must be mindful not to put concentrated oil in their hair directly without a carrier oil, and to not leave the oil in their hair for too long or it will do more harm to the hair than good. However, if a person is careful and does their research about applying the oil to their hair for the desired result, tea tree oil can completely revitalize dry, damaged, and unhealthy hair.

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