5 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

No matter what platform you are interested in using, there are a few solid ways to get more social media followers. When it comes to social media, it’s all about being social, engaging with other users, and being consistent.

Use these 5 ways to gain more social media followers on your account as you work to build your influence.

Follow Industry Giants

Whether you follow brands, experts, or other influencers, you need to be following giants in the industry you are interested in. One of the first steps to creating an account on social media involves immediately following a few accounts. Make sure that you are not just following any random accounts on the platform you are using, but industry giants. As you add more legitimate accounts others will recognize the fact that you are in step with the industry and know who is who.

Complete Your Profile

One of the biggest turnoffs on social media is a half created account, with missing or vague information. Take the time to completely fill out your profile, uploading a profile photo, providing a link to a website or your work, and even letting people know what you will be sharing or talking about. As people click on your profile they can get a better sense of exactly what your social media account will cover and are a lot more likely to follow.

Be Social, Engage Daily

Not only do most social media users look at your profile, but they also tend to check out your activity. Go beyond just sharing and posting content and information that you have created or found. Engage with those that you follow, leave comments on videos, threads, and in chats. Share those things you find helpful. Every engagement is a chance to be noticed not only by the person you engaged, with but by their own followers.

Share Relevant Information

Your social media platforms are a way for you to broadcast your work, brand, products, but they are also a place for you to share information. News, data, ideas, and much more that you come across can be quickly shared on social media. Doing this lets people interested in a topic know that you are someone that has an ear to the ground in the industry and is a reliable source of information going forward. The more you share, the more potential you have for increasing followers through engagement. Not only that, followers that recognize your authority on a subject are likely to point you out to their own followers.

Collaborate With Other Influencers

Collaborations between social media users is a great way to attract attention and gain a large number of followers all at once. There are so many ways to collaborate with fellow influencers both off and online too. As you gain influence and build relationships with other users, begin collaborating on projects both within the social media platform of your choice and outside of it. This guarantees that you are introduced to an entirely new set of users that can become potential followers. It also signifies to your existing users that you are creating opportunities for them and will increase engagement among your own followers, exposing you to even more potential accounts.

In the end, it is all about truly engaging and being active on the social media accounts that you join. Do your research and study the feeds of large accounts on the platform of your choice to get an idea of what type of content they are sharing, what gets a lot of traction and attention, and how often they are posting and engaging with their followers. It is important that you develop your own voice and style on your accounts, but following the same basic principles and tried and true practices are just smart and a guaranteed way to get you going on the right path when it comes to social media.