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Why E-Liquid is Becoming All the Rage

In just a few years, e-liquid has gone from a niche to a movement. The electronic cigarette was once a reasonably popular way to quit smoking, but vaping devices and e-liquids have become much more than that. There are vaping conventions, new flavors of e-liquids come out every day and young people even prefer vaping over cigarettes.

What has caused e-liquid to get so big, so fast? There are a few reasons that stand above the rest.

It Doesn’t Pose the Health Risks of Cigarettes

Plenty of people like to smoke, but no one likes risking their long-term health. E-liquids are seen as safer than cigarettes, which leads to smokers and even non-smokers to give vaping a try.

The question many are asking is whether e-liquid is truly safe, and the jury’s still out on that one. It is safer than smoking cigarettes, because those are packed with all kinds of chemicals. E-liquid, on the other hand, has just PG, VG, flavoring and nicotine. Critics of vaping argue that it still leads to nicotine addiction, which is bad for the user’s health. This may be true, but overall, vaping doesn’t present the same risks as cigarettes.

There Are All Kinds of Flavors Available

The wide variety of flavors play a huge role in the popularity of e-liquids. E-cigarettes of the past were just cigarette substitutes. E-liquids come in all kinds of flavors, which encourages people to try new options and see what they like.

You have your fruit flavors, such as banana and apply. You have your dessert flavors, such as caramel and vanilla. And then manufacturers also come up with their own unique flavor blends and combinations. It adds another layer to the vaping experience, as the flavor chosen is almost like an extension of the user’s personality.

It’s New and Trendy

Cigarettes have been around for a long time. Vaping, on the other hand, is a hot new trend with quite a bit of marketing focused on the younger generation who already want to take part in what their peers are doing. It’s natural that many would go the vaping route.

Part of the reason vaping is so trendy is that consumers have plenty of options, both in terms of their e-liquid flavors and their vaping devices. You can customize your vape or get one with different features. You could go to a convention and check out all kinds of new upgrades and e-liquids. All these options make it easier to dive into vaping in a way that you can’t with cigarettes.

You Can Save Money with E-Liquid

The upfront costs are higher with vaping than they are with cigarettes, but after that, vaping is much cheaper. Vaping starter kits with the atomizer and battery are available for around $60 to $80. After that, the only expense is the e-liquid.

The amount spent on e-liquid will depend on how often the user vapes and how much he buys at once. Buying larger amounts cuts down the cost a bit, but no matter what size bottle of e-liquid is chosen, it will be cheaper to vape than it would to buy packs of cigarettes.

It Doesn’t Have a Lasting Odor

Smoking cigarettes will always result in a strong odor. It gets on your clothes and in your hair, which means everyone can smell it on you. If you smoke inside, it gets in the walls and leaves an odor that can last for days or longer. The same is true when you smoke in your car. Smoke enough cigarettes somewhere and the smell may never come out.

E-liquid doesn’t have this problem. Because you’re exhaling vapor instead of smoke, there is no lasting odor like there is with cigarettes. There’s a smell immediately after you vape, but this goes away quickly and it isn’t unpleasant, especially when you compare it to cigarette smoke.

Thanks to the manufacturers of e-liquids, a simple device that was originally an alternative for smokers has taken off to a whole new level of popularity. Although the rise in popularity has to stop at some point, vaping and e-liquids have their fair share of enthusiasts.

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