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7 Lessons Every Student Needs to Know About Technology

The field of technology is experiencing immense breakthrough day in day out. The technology professionals are making efforts to bring these advancements to make the world a better place to live. What one generation goes through in the technology sector is not what the next generation will experience. In regard to these, technical teaching institutions play a very key role to ensure this gap between generations, in terms of technology, is filled. Information technology is among the sectors going through magnificent transformation and improvements. As a technical student, here are 7 lessons that you must know about information technology.

1- Privacy of Social Media

The competitive nature of the social media makes the stakeholder so busy and may find themselves not paying attention to their privacy in social media. As a student, you ought to be well conversant with the security setting of your social media. Some applications and plug-ins use GPS locators and a single access log-ins and this poses a privacy challenge to the experts. As a student, you must know when to grant access your social media for your personal data such as pictures and sharing locations.

2- Workplace Surveillance

With the trend of improvements in the technology, employers are considering the installation of security surveillance devices. These range of motion detectors, security cameras, and internet usage trackers as well as hack detector. As a student in the technical sectors, have in your mind that after your studies you will be a technical consultant and these are the things that your clients will need to be fixed. You can’t afford to miss this important lesson as a student.

3- Mobile Security

Any mobile gadget can be the best device you can ever have and at the same time, it can make you a privacy violation victim. Big companies like Google may often come up with innovations that may not consider the consumers’ privacy. Being a student, you must comprehend full information about mobile security so that in future when you become a technical consultant, you can vehemently oppose such innovations with an objective to protect your clients and other consumers.

4- Cloud Computing Strategy

Cloud computing is one very key advancement in information technology. This field is still green and fertile for more research to make it, even more, stream line. You may not believe this, but basing on the Forbes, a certification to operate in cloud computing will see your salary rise by about 20%. As part of being a determined and hardworking student, invest your effort in this lesson and you can be the future cloud engineer. Remember that a lot of businesses are facing a big challenge training and maintaining cloud engineers, so given a chance, do your best.

5- Own-device Support Lesson

Some companies allow their employees to use their own computers and other devices to execute the company’s job. Before this becomes successful, a few steps of configuration are required. As a student, find the effort to master the configuration steps. When the employee subscribes to the “Bring Your Own Device” program, they should be informed that some applications and software could be restricted.

6- Gaming and Graphics

As you advance in your studies, at some point you will be required to make a presentation to the rest of your colleagues. Being a technical student, you must incorporate technology into your presentation to make the learning interesting and easy to remember. Using gaming simulations and graphical animations to illustrate your ideas is of advantage. Therefore, you must learn this lesson very well.

7- Programming and Programming Language

There are a number of types of programming. It is a good move for every student to learn at least one programming method. This subsection of technology rewards very well. Programming entails issuing a number of specific instructions and commands to the computer and it uses it to produce a varied useful information. With these 7 lessons, every student needs to know about technology, you can be certain of better grades in your exam.

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