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4 Killer Reasons to Have Your Next Corporate Event Videoed

The next time you have a corporate event scheduled, be sure to hire a videographer. Having your event videoed provides a variety of benefits, many of which you might not have thought of as of yet.

1- Obtain Shareable Content

There are a lot of things that you should be doing at your corporate event, including encouraging everyone to share what’s going on across social media. Give them a hashtag to use and be sure that they are taking pictures and posting to Twitter, Instagram, and all of the other platforms.

The video that is created can also be used on YouTube and other social avenues. It provides great shareable content. Plus, you can choose to break up the video into several smaller videos in order to increase the amount of content that you have on your website and inside of social media.

2- It’s a Great Recruiting Tool

Recruiting is a challenge for companies across virtually every industry. People want to work for a company that has a good atmosphere. It’s not always easy to show the work environment off to a recruit. By having a corporate event video available to post online or to show at a job fair, you can show that there is a good atmosphere. Anytime you can show future employees that you are dedicated to taking care of them, they will be more apt to apply to your company. It also helps to improve employee morale considerably.

3- Increase Attendance at the Next Event

People pay good money to attend various events. Whether it’s a conference where they’ll learn or an event where they can network, people spend the money to get something out of it. You will be more likely to get a higher attendance at the next event that you plan by showing people what they can expect. Rather than making empty promises or providing a bullet list amongst web copy, you can show them with an exciting video.

The video will likely tell them everything they need to know about the event. They can get an idea of the level of attendance, the theme, the amount of entertainment, the quality of speakers, the impressiveness of the venue, and much more. It’s a small price to pay to essentially put your money where your mouth is when you want to tell people about the amazing corporate events that you put on through the year.

4- Have Marketing Fodder for Weeks

There are more social media websites than ever before. The larger your demographic, the more sites you have to be on. Not everyone belongs to the same platforms. You have to be where your target demographic is so that your messages aren’t lost.

By having a corporate video made, you can have marketing fodder for weeks to come. You might decide to rip the video into a wide array of clips. You can use clips that include what presenters said on LinkedIn. You can have what attendees said on Instagram. You can also include general videos on Facebook. All of it will be shareable and it will allow you to have a different type of media to share as opposed to relying solely on photos.

A professionally-made corporate video can offer a variety of benefits. The reasons to have one make it easy to justify the expense. Whether you have the entire event filmed or even a small portion of it, you can use the footage for all sorts of different things. You might be surprised by just how many perks you get from sharing the video across your marketing platforms.

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