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Your Real Estate Guide to Florida

The Florida real estate market is varied and filled with many different options for those who already live in the state or are interested in moving there to explore many different options. There are many different areas to look to purchase in for those looking to move to Florida from the beauty of the well-known areas of the state to stunning less well-known areas to enjoy. There are many areas of Florida to enjoy with some far from the tourist areas that remain busy throughout the year and others costing a large amount on average.

Fort Meade is perfect for buyers on a budget

Florida has always been a popular place for those who are retiring to look at for real estate alongside those who are looking to move to a new area of the U.S. Home Vestors report the whole of Polk County and Fort Meade, in particular, is a growing area for its low standard of living and bargain home prices will make this one of the top places to buy in Florida in 2019.

The small town has a history dating back to the 1850s and remains one of the hidden gems of Florida and has been at the heart of the growth of the state for a number of years. The Fort Meade area has such low house prices that many workers from across Polk County set out to live and work there as they look to change their lives for the better in Florida.

Tampa returns to popularity

The economy of Tampa went through some rough times following the 2008 economic crash and has spent almost a decade trying to bounce back to a position of importance in the real estate sector. Mashvisor reports Tampa has recently bounced back to a position of power in Florida with a strong economy and a low unemployment rate bringing in new residents to the city.

The average house price in Tampa sits just above $360,000 with the average rental costing over $1,600 per month. Tampa has an advantage over other areas of Florida that do not have the same level of name recognition and struggle to become known to new residents with the city popular with new residents and tourists alike.

Get in on Cape Coral before it explodes

As a real estate investor, you are going to want to know about any area that is projected to grow by a large amount over the next decade or two. The city of Cape Coral is not one of the most popular places for real estate yet, but it should be over the next few years as growth continues. The city began life as a single planned community but spread wide into the surrounding area because of the easy access it provides to the Gulf of Mexico. Over the last few years, the western side of Florida has done well with high growth and Cape Coral is looking to add to this growth level with its position between Tampa and Miami making this a perfect location for commuters.

Head to the Atlantic Coast with Palm Coast

The Atlantic coast of Florida has always been the most sought after location in the state but the northern reaches of Florida tend to be a little cheaper for buying real estate. Palm Coast is a popular option for new buyers moving into the eastern coast of Florida with its beautiful location and position close to the historic St. Augustine site. Home prices are higher in this area but should grow even further over the next few years to allow any investor the chance to make a tidy profit.

If you are looking to invest in the Florida real estate market you should always do your own research but these are a few of the most popular locations in the state. Choosing to invest in an area where the home prices are set to grow is vital if you want to make a real profit from your real estate investment in Florida.

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