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Why Do You Need Your Land Surveyed?

Today, landowners frequently pay surveyors to verify existing property borders and landmarks. Surveys also help realty sellers create clearly identifiable new lots and resolve boundary conflicts. Consider some of the most popular reasons to seek a land survey:

One: Placing a Tract on The Real Estate Marketplace

One of the most popular reasons for commissioning a land survey involves placing realty on the sales market. For instance, the owner of a large unimproved tract of land may decide to subdivide part of the property into smaller recreational lots. In order to market the raw land, the landowner must first survey the original holding and divide it into a series of divisible, clearly identifiable parcels.

Skilled surveyors help ensure the accuracy of the size and legal description of real estate. This capability proves critically important in many sales situations. Land surveyors assist sellers in avoiding costly litigation by preventing the accidental sale of the same piece of realty to two different buyers.

Two: Confirming an Existing Property Line

In some cases, adjoining landowners may need to confirm the precise location of a property boundary. When a city constructs a road improvement and assesses adjoining property owners based upon the proportion of their holdings adjoining the new roadway, the location of the property line between two adjoining lots matters significantly. The boundary line helps determine the extent of each land owner’s special assessment bill.

Today, numerous situations arise in which adjoining property owners may desire to confirm existing property lines. Over the course of time, development sometimes changes the surface appearance of real estate. Surveying firms greatly assist property owners in maintaining current information about land boundaries.

Three: Preparing to Improve a Property

Similarly, property owners who plan to improve their land frequently require land surveys. Anyone creating a construction site needs to ensure the project involves accurate land measurements, for instance. Some HOAs require homes to sit a specified distance away from a street. Land surveyors help architects and project managers situate new buildings correctly.

Many other improvements also benefit from the conduct of a preliminary land survey. Property owners sometimes seek this service before erecting fences, installing outbuildings, or constructing swimming pools, for example.

Four: Verifying Landmarks Following Natural Disasters

Another important reason to request a land survey involves verifying the size and location of a tract in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Many disruptive events like floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes change the landscape. These incidents may transform the appearance of real estate.

Land surveys help clarify boundaries in the wake of these traumatic events. They may help neighbors avoid disputes. This service sometimes helps ensure the future marketability of properties.

Five: Identifying Flood Plains

Additionally, in some areas afflicted by flooding, landowners seek the assistance of surveys in order to ascertain their home’s likely flooding risk. It may prove important to erect an improvement in a location well outside a flood plain, for instance. Surveyors assist this process.

Requesting a flood plain survey also helps some landowners and developers determine the availability of flood insurance (or not) in specific locations. A property owner considering rebuilding a home may need to know whether or not this type of insurance protection will remain available. Land surveys sometimes furnish vitally important information about terrain changes after flood damage.

Land Surveys Assist Property Owners

Obtaining a land survey helps reassure a landowner about the accurate location of important landmarks and property lines. This process may prove vitally important in helping to identify a tract of land. In some cases, realty undergoes significant physical changes.

Surveying also furnishes assistance to anyone implementing improvements. Erecting a new fence, constructing a right-of-way access road, and building a custom home may all require the performance of preliminary land surveys. This service proves essential in numerous situations!

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