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What Your Landscaping Style Says About You

Everyone loves the great outdoors. This is especially true when talking about the private land that makes up a portion of a dwelling. People take pride in their yards and will go to great lengths to make them shine.

This is where landscaping comes in. Contrary to popular belief, landscaping isn’t just about designing the way a front or backyard looks. There is a wide variety of unique skills that go into becoming a good landscaper. With that being said, aesthetics are without a doubt a big part of landscaping.

The outdoors offers up some of the most varied and memorable environments that people get to live in. It is the job of a good landscaper to tap into that. For those who are working on their own land, it is still a good idea to put some effort into making your projects distinctive. There are after all many different landscaping styles to choose from.

The style that you ultimately choose to model a space on says a lot about you as a person. Just as the furniture and decorations on the inside of a home can say a lot about the people who live there, so can the outside landscaping. It reflects a personality.

The English Garden is a popular style of landscaping that many people use out side of their personal residences. Spaces of this style tend to be very green, with lots of shrubs and perennials. The overall goal of an English Garden is to complement the house which it comes with. People who favor this style are often quite reserved and have more classical tastes. This is an Old World Style that works best with traditional architecture.

The Zen Garden is a very unique way of styling a landscape. This method is instantly recognizable due to its stark minimalism and dramatic sand imagery. People who employ the Zen Garden style are usually minimalists at heart.

A Zen Garden can be part of a larger Japanese Garden. If you have the space and are considering this option, look into installing a koi pond. These colorful fish are magnificent to look at and make for a striking addition to any outdoor space.

The Butterfly Garden is a much more informal way of structuring an outdoor space. It prioritizes the usage of local flora in an effort to blend in with the surrounding nature. Butterflies and hummingbirds will become frequent visitors to the garden if it is put together well.

The creation of a Butterfly Garden is a sign of someone who is in tune with nature and environmentally conscious. It offers a chance for life to take up residence in the garden on a regular basis and is therefore also a sign that the landscaper who created it has a nurturing spirit.

An Organic Vegetable Garden is the last landscaping option we will discuss today. This option is much different from the others in that it requires much more regular upkeep and it has a much more functional purpose. The purpose of a vegetable garden is to grow food. This means the person who creates this is both independent and health conscious.

The landscape one designs says a lot about who they are as a person. Different styles reflect different personality types. The key is to be true to yourself.

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