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Using Web Analytics Tools for Your Website

There are many things that can help you spot the mistakes you’re making with your website and the tools that can help you track your progress. Those are web analytics tools and every decent SEO knows how helpful those can actually be.

Your Personal Guide to Web Analytics

If you want to perform the analysis yourself and learn hoe those tools can help you, you might need a short guide for this.

  1. Check the website first.
    This is the thing you can do without the tool you chose. You have to remember that people are no different than you and if something is bugging you on your website, it’s probably quite annoying for them too. Those things are tough to see on your site, but possible.
  2. Look at the traffic sources.
    Look where the people are coming from and which of your channels are actually working. You might need to work on those to improve some or eliminate unnecessary ones.
  3. Look at what attracts people the most.
    It’s nice to take a look at what content people like and what are they interested in. You can work more with those things.
  4. Work with the keywords.
    This is quite necessary and you can easily do it with some of the tools. This will allow you to use the keywords better and smarter and see which ones are actually working for you.
  5. Look at the number of people who visit frequently.
    How many of the regular users do you have? Do the people just come and go, or do they save the link and subscribe to you? You have to check this and work on this if there is any problem. You also can’t expect the website to grow or to grow fast all the time, there will be the low points and the peaks.

The Benefits Web Analytic Tools Can Bring

  1. Set your goals.
    One of the most important things for success is the ability to set and reach the goals without giving up. We all feel the urge to give up, throw everything away and forget the initial plan when something goes wrong. If you’re promoting your services and are trying to find clients, you’ll feel that too. This way, web analytic tools can help you see where you stand and how far your goal is. Tracking your progress is important.
  2. Look at the behavioral patterns.
    You get to see how your clients and leads behave if their needs are satisfied, who they are. This way you can target your audience more precisely and actually make the website much more effective.
  3. See what you can improve in your weak spots.
    If you notice a lot of mistakes and the weak spots, you get the chance to work on those. Making mistakes is okay, there is nothing wrong with that, but what is wrong is not working and not fixing them. If you actually do something to work on your weaknesses, you are on your way to success.
  4. Build effective strategies.
    Web analytic tools are a great way to build plans for the future, determine what you need to improve this month. You can also spot trends and work on incorporating those and track how it’s working simultaneously.
  5. Understand the customer flow.
    This will allow you to see where the people are coming from and what are they searching. You’ll need to track the keywords and work with those and your computer can easily do it for you. If you see that some of your networks are not working, or advertising somewhere isn’t bringing many people you can fix it or eliminate that marketing channel.

There are many ways to improve your experience and promote your services and web analytic tools are the best for this. You just have to choose something that works for you and there is quite a wide choice, so take your time to find the best one!