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Unpacking Tips for Your New Home

There is no doubt that moving is a big deal. In fact, a survey shows that it is one of the most stressful events in the life of a family, but it does not have to be. One antidote against this type of stress is planning things out, like how you are going to unpack when you arrive to your new home. The following are a few tips that may help you unpack, which should help make the move a little easier.

Clean Up

You are going to be placing heavy furniture and other items in your home. There is a chance that the new house is already clean, but double check to make sure. You might need to give it a good wipe and mop down before you get started with your unpacking.


Chances are you are full of energy, but this is not going to be case the whole day. You are going to get tired soon enough, meaning you are going to be looking for a place to sleep. This is the reason why you want to start with your bedrooms. North American Van Lines said, “Set up the beds so that you can sleep when the day is over.”

Make Time to Eat

The next place you want to take care of is the kitchen. Much like the bedroom earlier, this is another area that is considered a necessity. You and your family will need to eat soon enough, which makes the kitchen essential. Sure, you can always go out and get something to eat, but it is cheaper to stay at home, and you can get back to work a lot faster. This might be a good time to consider setting up your table and chairs unless you do not mind standing while you eat, which is actually good for the digestive system.


The bathroom is not exactly a necessity, but it is a room that will be used throughout the day, and it would be nice to have it set up already. It does not take long to unpack the towels and shower curtains, so why not get that out of the way? A long day of work might get some of the members in your family ready for a quick shower before heading off to bed because no one likes to go to bed sweaty.


Take care of your clothes after dealing with the essentials. Tomorrow is going to be another day, and you are going to need a change of clothes. You do not have to finish unpacking all of your clothes but at least what you might need in the next few days. Try to encourage everyone in your family to do the same.


Hopefully, you labeled all of your boxes so that you can place each one in their designated rooms. This should make it easier for the family member who has to deal with a room. Of course, do not let the smallest members of your family unpack alone because you never know what might happen.


Deciding what will be left in storage is a big deal. Some might look at a box and just put it in storage, but it might be a good idea to go through the box before you decide. Use empty boxes to store everything that is definitely going in the garage or basement. This gives you an opportunity to make sure everything in storage belongs there, and it may help you figure out a few things you need.


Do not set up any distractions until you are done unpacking. This means your television or computers. All of these devices can prevent you from finishing up quickly. You are going to feel like watching a little TV, especially when you start feeling tired. Once you start on that path you might elongate the move-in phase, or you might end up giving up. This is how some families end up with closets full of boxes they have not finished unpacking.

Hopefully, these ideas make it a lot easier to unpack and officially settle into your new home.