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Top 7 Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression socks are worn on a person’s feet and legs, and are, therefore, considered to be “hosiery.” They add mild pressure to a person’s lower leg and foot. When they do this, they both support and help the blood circulation of the person.

Compression socks are available in various shapes and sizes. They are often a brownish color and are translucent. The key to their ability to help with a person’s circulation is the fact that they are stretchable making them able to fit any foot while they add pressure.

Compression socks are tightest around the person’s ankles and they become less and less tight the further they get towards the knees. They give support much as a bandage does, but they can only be worn as long as their use is practical.

Compression socks are sometimes worn to fight many different ailments. You, most likely, have seen them worn by athletes. You have also seen them worn by seniors. Now, aren’t you curious to know why people wear compression socks?

1- Compression Socks are Worn to Improve Blood Flow

Compression socks help you to have a good flow of blood to your legs and feet. As the socks squeeze your tissues and veins in your legs, your body is supported in the pumping of your blood against gravity. Your blood is then pumped back to your heart where it is re-oxygenated. Once it is re-oxygenated, it again travels through your body. Compression socks are both popular and helpful for anyone that has spider or varicose veins.

2- Reduces Fluid Which Causes Swelling

Compression socks can be used to treat excessive fluid in your legs. Unwanted fluids which have built up in your legs’ cell tissues and feet can cause them to swell. By squeezing your legs tight enough, compression socks can prevent a fluid buildup in your legs.

3- Support Muscles in Your Feet

Compression socks are used to support your foot’s muscles. They are especially helpful in supporting the plantar fascia, which is thick connective tissue supporting your arch at the bottom of your foot.

Often, compression socks are designed to treat specific ailments. For instance, they can be designed to target plantar fasciitis by giving those painful areas of your feet compression.

4- Wearing Compression Socks Can Help When Traveling

If you wear compression socks when you travel on a long flight or car ride, you will help your legs have good blood circulation. All too often, being stationary during travel can lead to swollen feet and ankles, heavy legs, and other pains in your legs. Not only do the elderly suffer from edema; anyone can. If you have ever had a problem with your legs, you should consider wearing compression socks when traveling.

5- Runners Can Be Helped by Compression Socks

Running can cause your ankles, feet, legs, and your entire body to hurt. For a better and faster recovery from your hard work when running in a race, compression socks can help you to recover. They can increase your circulation and reduce a buildup of lactic acid.

6- Compression Socks Can Help With the Crossfit Strain in Your Legs

The sudden movements, pulls, and stretches of Crossfit can cause you to suffer from pain. Compression socks can help to lessen the cramps and also help your legs to recover more quickly from their strain.

7- Varicose Veins Can Be Prevented During Pregnancy

According to a Swiss Medical Weekly, 30 percent of first-time pregnant women develop varicose veins. Pregnant women are also prone to develop Deep Vein Thrombosis. Both of these conditions can be prevented by wearing compression socks during pregnancy.

There is an increased blood volume during pregnancy. This is especially true during the third trimester. Pregnancy also increases blood coagulation caused by its hormonal changes. In addition, blood clotting is also a possibility during pregnancy. Wearing compression socks can help to prevent these conditions as well.

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