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Top 6 Study Tips to Ace that Certification

One of the most stressful things you’ll have to do in life is preparing for an exam, especially if it is an important one. This exam could mean the difference between passing and failing in school or whether you get that new job, so freaking out is a typical reaction. Luckily, you will no longer have to stress over passing your exam because we are providing you with the top 6 tips to ace your certification.

Don’t Do It Last Minute

A horrible habit to have when it comes to studying is procrastination. Waiting until the day of the exam to cramp in hours of studying is not an effective method of studying. To maximize your results, you should be studying almost every day up until your test. This might sound daunting at first, but you only have to study for an hour or two if you’re studying 5 to 6 days per week in the few weeks before the certification.

Organize Your Study Spaces

In addition to studying more often, you should make sure the areas you study in are clean and void of distractions. We live in a society of constant stimulation: Smartphones, laptops, TV and music can all distract us and take our focus away from the task at hand. When organizing your study space, try to place yourself away from distractions and ensuring that the only items in front of you are your notes. Working with some music or a TV show in the background is fine if it helps keep you on task, you just need to find out what works with you.

Don’t Stay In One Area

Another helpful tip is to switch up your study areas. Studying in the same area every day can be mentally exhausting, especially if you’re dreading the task of studying. Picking multiple locations to study and actively switching between them can be a good way to help improve your focus and make the studying experience more pleasant. Some areas that are nice for studying include the library, a park, a coffee shop or even the beach.

Take Breaks Regularly

Like I previously stated, working for hours on end is not the best method of studying. If you are going to partake in a long study session, make sure to take breaks regularly to avoid burning yourself out. A break could simply mean watching an episode of a TV show or taking a short 10-minute walk to clear your head before returning to your studies.

Test Yourself

A good way to see how much knowledge you’re retaining is to test yourself periodically throughout your study session. This can mean writing down questions for yourself while you’re going through concepts then answering the questions at the end of the session. It has been proven that by taking multiple short mini-tests before the actual exam can improve your results tremendously.

Join a Study Group

If studying by yourself still seems difficult and frustrating, try finding a study group to ease the task. Chances are that the people in the study group feel the same as you and need outside help with their studies. By joining a study group, you’re more likely to succeed as your peers can help strengthen your weakness and you can do the same for them.

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