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Top 5 Reasons For Spinal Therapy After a Game

During a game, the spine of a player would put a lot of stress on their spine. The stress can lead to back pains. Sometimes the pain can be small, and an individual can manage to ignore. However, when they suffer a severe spinal injury, they can find it difficult to carry out their day to day activities. A spinal therapy after a game would help alleviate these problems due to the following reasons.

1. Boosting Athletic Performance

Most professional athletes understand the benefits that come with undergoing a spinal therapy after a game. It is the reason why they make a point to undergo regular treatment. Also, most professional teams have hired a professional therapist who can take the players through the process whenever they need it. Apart from relieving pain and other pathological conditions, the treatment will increase the functionality of a player. It boosts the athletic performance of the player by:

  • Supporting the recovery of the player from any spinal injury
  • Boosting their immune system
  • Relieving muscle tension in the body
  • Increasing the energy levels of the individual naturally by relaxing them
  • Enhancing the pulmonary function

2. Sciatica

A player will strain their spine much during a game. It is due to the different postures that they subject their spinal cord in the event. Spinal therapy will act as an instant pain reliever. It can relieve any pain that the individual is feeling on the lower back, back and neck. The treatment works by stretching the spine. The stretching alleviates the pressure on the spinal disks. The spinal discs are cushions which are gel-like located between the bones making up the spine. They absorb most of the strain that the spinal cord takes. The negative pressure will cause any bulging to retract relieving any pressure on the nerves and other structures of the spine. The result is an improved movement of oxygen, water, and nutrients which will accelerate the healing process on top of the reduction of pain.

3. Blood Pressure

It may sound unbelievable, but spinal therapy acts as a remedy for hypertension. Different studies indicate that spinal therapy has a similar effect to that of using drugs that lower blood pressure. Amazingly the effect of the treatment was not equal to that of one pressure reducing drug but two combined. The adjustment of the atlas also known as the C-1 vertebra during the therapy leads to this effect. The Atlas is the bone that holds up your head. The adjustment affects the centers control the movement of the muscles which are located at the base of the brain. During a game, a player can get their Atlas locked in a position that is out of line. The change in position can upset these sensitive centers, and it can lead to a rise in blood pressure and pain. Spinal therapy is a non-surgical process that can correct the situation.

4. Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition that causes the spine curve sideways. The condition usually occurs sometime before an individual reaches puberty. Scientists are yet to determine the what causes many of these conditions. The condition can even affect physically active people such as players. The condition becomes severe as an individual grows. Spinal therapy can help prevent the progression of the condition. For the treatment to work effectively, it should be coupled with muscle rehabilitation techniques. In most of the cases, participants with the conditions observed a 10 to 30 percent decrease in the progression of the condition.

5. Alleviation of Neurological Conditions

Various research indicates that upper cervical adjustments have a positive impact on different conditions of the brain. MRI scans taken during the studies suggest that the flow of blood and cerebra-spinal fluid improve after a spinal therapy. The therapy can also help to reverse invagination. Invagination is a condition where the cerebellum drops down below to the point that is below the skull line. Therefore, a patient experiencing neurological conditions will find it beneficial to have the therapy after the game. Spinal therapies offer many benefits. By going through them after each game, a player will experience an improvement in their performance and health.

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