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The Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

You already know that swimming is an extremely beneficial form of exercise for humans, but it can also help out your dog. One of the great things about the activity is that you will not have to spend hours teaching your dog. They just instinctively know how to swim. You will still have to be careful because some breeds are more gifted swimmers than others. Once your dog gets some time in the water, they may never want to leave. These the six biggest benefits of taking your dog swimming.

Help Them Lose Weight

It is estimated that more than half of the dogs in the United States are overweight. Denying your dog their favorite treats can be tough, but the excess weight is only damaging their health. One of the of the best ways to get your dog to drop their extra weight is by taking them to the pool. Since the water will support most of their weight, the dog will be able to exercise for a longer period of time before getting tired. This helps them burn off more calories than running or a game of fetch.

Burn Off Excess Energy

A lot of dogs naturally have a lot of energy. This can make them very restless if they do not get a chance to burn off some of the energy. A day in the water is the perfect way to appease an overactive dog. The long day of swimming will also help them fall asleep quickly when you get back inside the house. This will give you a much needed calm and peaceful night.

No More Boredom

Just like humans, dogs can get extremely bored if they are not properly stimulated. A bored dog is far more likely to act out than a happy dog. Providing a variety of fun activities to your dog is the best way to keep them from becoming bored. Your dog’s brain will instantly be stimulated the moment they get in the water. This will result in one of the most enjoyable days in your dog’s life. Once you see how much fun they have, you will want to take your dog to the pool as much as possible.

Great for Older Dogs

It is much harder for an older dog to get the exercise they need because of their weak joints. Swimming is a low-impact exercise, so your dog spends a lot of time in the water without putting pressure on their body. The extra exercise and movement will also help reduce any pain your dog may be experiencing by strengthening their weak muscles and improving blood circulation. This will make it easier for them to move around the house on a daily basis.

Beat the Heat

Dogs are only able to sweat in areas of the body that are not covered by fur. This makes it very hard for them to stay cool when overextended on a hot day. The best way to get your dog the exercise they need during the summer without putting them at risk of heat stroke is by taking them to the pool. The cool water will provide a refreshing experience that prevents your dog from getting overheated while they have some fun outside on a hot day.

Special Bonding Time

One of the amazing things about having a dog is the special relationship you create. Nothing will ever top being greeted at the front door by a loving dog every time you get home from work. Giving your dog a chance to have fun and experience new things is the perfect way to bond with them, and that is exactly what swimming provides. You can make the whole experience even more special by getting in the water with them. There countless ways to improve your relationship with your dog, but few of them have the other health benefits of swimming.

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