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How to Take Gorgeous Photos on Your Phone

In the past, taking a photo using a phone was very challenging. People made use of cameras instead of mobile phones to take pictures. Things are different nowadays because the mobile devices on the market have high-quality cameras. As much as cameras can take crystal clear images, getting that perfect shot is not as easy as it seems. What should you do to capture great photos using your phone? To improve your skills, read the tips below and follow them step by step.

1. Make use of the gridlines to get a right balance of your shot.

Turning on the grid-lines of your camera is one of the best ways of capturing good photos. These grid-lines are a series of lines that appear on your phone’s camera screen. These lines apply the rule of thirds, which states that an image should be subdivided into thirds, horizontal and vertical, to get a total of nine parts. What happens is that if you place your image along these lines or intersections, it will get a balance and become level. Your picture will be perfect.

2. Make one subject your focus.

If you look at most of the best photos ever taken, the photographer only focused on one subject. Your subject should not occupy the whole space. Ensure that two-thirds of the picture is negative space. Doing this will ensure that the subject stands out. When taking the shot using your phone, make sure you tap your screen on the subject so that it becomes the focus. Use filters to make the image more interesting.

3. Always consider negative space.

Negative space is the area around your subject in an image. If you use this space well, it can make your photo spectacular. When you are taking a picture, make sure you include an ample space. It is essential because it helps your subject stand out more.

4. Use different angles.

Capturing an image from an unexpected angle makes it even better. Most pictures taken using mobile phones are either vertical or bird’s eye view. You can decide to take a photo directly on top of the subject or use the sky as the negative space. If you are unable to get a perfect angle, you can opt to use photo editing apps.

5. Reflections are also important, use them.

Seeing the sky’s reflection on a water body makes a photo outstanding. Reflections tend to attract your attention. Therefore, if you get a chance of playing with these reflections, please do. You can find the reflections in mirrors, water bodies, and sunglasses.

6. Clean your lens.

As time goes by, your camera lens collects lint. Therefore, images become unclear. Use a clean cloth and wipe your lens gently. When your lens is clean, the next step is setting up the resolution. It should always be set to the highest resolution if at all you want a clear image.

7. Look for steady support.

Having a steady hand is essential when it comes to taking good mobile photos. Getting a good position especially in an area without enough light is not easy. A tripod is the best thing to use when you want to get a perfect position to take a shot. If you cannot get a tripod, you can always use a wall or a table. The good thing about smartphones is that they have the self-timer application which allows your phone to take an image without you clicking it.

The tips mentioned in this article will help you maximize the abilities and minimize the setbacks of your smartphone camera. Finally, it is your skill and knowledge that will make the images you take to stand out from the rest.

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