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How to Start a Memorabilia Collection

Throughout your life, you might have admired other people’s collections of memorabilia. You might know sports fans who have tons of collectible items related to their favorite sports and teams, or you might have admired someone’s collection of miniature items or shot glasses. Even though you might have always admired other people’s collections, you might have never started a collection of your own. If this is something that you are ready to do, consider these tips for starting a memorabilia collection of your own.

Decide What You Want to Collect

First of all, before you can start collecting anything, you will obviously have to decide what to collect. To do this, think about some of the collections that you have seen that you really admire. Also, think about what you are passionate about. For example, if you are a major fan of a certain band, musician or sports team, you may want to collect memorabilia related to one of these passions. The more passionate you are about the memorabilia that you collect, the more fun you will have with building your collection.

Give Yourself Some Time

When you look at other people’s collections, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed and unsure of how you will ever be able to build up a collection that is anything like theirs. However, you should not pressure yourself. If you spend a ton of money trying to buy a ton of memorabilia in the beginning, you might put yourself into a financial bind. Plus, you might find that it’s not quite as fun as building up your collection slowly. However, if you instead focus on building up your collection slowly but surely, you might be surprised by how quickly you can amass a collection that you can be proud of, and you will not have to worry about it having as much of an impact on your finances, either.

Do Your Research

Once you have an idea of what you are going to be collecting, you may want to start doing your research. Now is a good time to look for books, magazines, websites and more that can provide you with information about the memorabilia that you are going to be collecting. Then, you can learn a little more about your new hobby and about the pieces that are out there for you to collect, and you might find that doing the research is a whole lot more fun than you thought.

Meet Others With a Similar Interest

Now is a great time to consider meeting others who collect the same type of memorabilia that you have started collecting. There might be a meeting group in your area that is designed for people who collect memorabilia; if you become a part of this group, you can meet others who share your passion and find out about buy, sell and trade deals that can help you establish and improve your collection. You can also look into meeting people with similar interests online; there are many online communities that are dedicated to people who buy, sell and trade various collectible items.

Look for Used Items

Buying all of your memorabilia brand new can really restrict what you are able to add to your collection. By buying used items, you may be able to save a lot of money, and you might be able to find items that you would not have been able to find otherwise. Plus, shopping for used memorabilia online, in local hobby shops, at flea markets, at yard sales and more can be a lot of fun, and you might find other fun and affordable trinkets while you are in the process as well.

As you can see, there are a few steps that you can take to help you start up your own memorabilia collection. Even though it can take time to build up a nice collection, for many people, this is part of the fun. Plus, if you stick with it and are serious about collecting your memorabilia, you might be surprised by the collection that you can build in a relatively short period of time.

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