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How The Right Engine Oil Saves You Money

As all of us know, automobiles cost quite a bit of money these days. Because of this, it’s important to do everything possible to keep them running well. While there are many maintenance tasks needed to accomplish this, one of the most important is changing the oil on a regular basis. But along with regular oil changes, using the right engine oil is equally as important. By doing so, you’ll not only keep your vehicle on the road for a longer period of time, but you’ll also save money along the way, since you will need fewer repairs due to a lack of maintenance. If you’re ready to save money while keeping your vehicle in great shape, here’s how the right engine oil will pay off down the road.

Proper Engine Lubrication

In case you didn’t know, there are quite a few moving parts inside your vehicle’s engine. Pistons, valves, and other moving parts all do so at high rates of speed, enabling your engine to work at full capacity. However, if you’re not using the right engine oil, these parts won’t be lubricated as they should be, which can lead to numerous problems. If the right engine oil is not used, the result will be engine parts wearing down much faster than normal, leading to extensive and expensive repairs.

Cooling Engine Components

Along with keeping your vehicle’s engine parts properly lubricated, the right engine oil will also help keep many engine components cool as well. When parts are not properly cooled, the result is friction that leads to heat. As a result, your engine will be prone to overheating, again resulting in much-needed repairs.

Removing Particles and Sludge

Since you put your vehicle through a variety of different driving situations day after day, over the course of time there will be plenty of particles, sludge, and other types of dirt that will build up in your engine. If not properly disposed of, this mess will eventually damage your engine. However, by using the right engine oil on a regular basis, the particles, sludge, and other grit and grime will be broken down and washed away. By not letting your oil turn into sludge, you’ll be well on your way to having an engine that will perform up to speed for many years to come.

Better Gas Mileage

With the price of gas getting higher and higher each year, there’s not a driver on the road who isn’t looking for ways to get better gas mileage from their vehicle. If you happen to be one of the drivers who is using the right engine oil, you’ll find yourself getting many more miles from a tank of gas. When this is done, the clean oil running through your vehicle’s engine will keep everything lubricated, allowing the engine to work much easier. As a result, your vehicle’s gas mileage may improve by as much as five percent a year. While this may not sound like much, auto experts say this will add up to several gallons of gas per year, which at today’s prices can quickly add up to significant savings.

Vehicle Longevity

Perhaps most of all, the right engine oil will in all likelihood let your vehicle last far longer than you might have expected. Regular maintenance regarding oil changes, all the while using the right oil, can keep your engine’s parts in excellent condition for many years. As a result of your diligence regarding car maintenance, when the time comes for you to sell your vehicle or trade it in for a new vehicle, the resale value will be substantially more if you have records showing regular maintenance.

While it’s often very easy to get so busy that you let oil changes fall by the wayside, taking the time to get them done, all the while using the proper engine oil, can make a tremendous difference in how your vehicle runs year after year. Rather than take it for granted, put the right engine oil in your vehicle, then have peace of mind while cruising down the highway.

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