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Pros and Cons of HCG Oral Drops Vs. HCG Injections

With the obesity rate on the rise in the United States, many people are looking for the best weight loss products and supplements to use to trim down. But searching for the ideal weight loss products is quite taxing. Many people who struggle with weight loss turn to products such as HCG oral drops or HCG injections. HCG oral drops and injections have been used for weight loss since they were promoted in 1954 by Dr. ATW Simeon. When HCG is used in drops, it’s applied underneath the tongue, and the injections are administered intramuscularly on a daily basis. While there are many pros to using HCG oral drops and HCG injections, there are cons to using these products. Below are the pros and cons of using HCG oral drops and injections.

HCG Injection Pros

1. Detoxification: Weight gain and other health issues can be caused by toxins in the body. Toxins such be flushed out of the body to prevent weight gain and other health complications. HCG injections reduces toxins in the body and reduces fat formation in the body.
2. Reduces hunger: High appetite leads to massive weight gain. HCG injection is known to reduce appetite which leads to weight loss.
3. Natural: HCG injections are natural and safe because the HCG is taken from the body. Because it’s extracted from the body, people who inject it rarely experience side effects.
4. Results: HCG injections are considered the most effective weight loss products, and the product produces faster results than other products in the market.

HCG Injection Cons

1. Allergic reaction: Side effects from HCG injections are rare, but they still exist. Some of the side effects of HCG injections include swelling of the throat, lips, tongue, and face
2. Early puberty: Young boys who are injected with HCG are at an increased risk of experiencing early puberty.
3. Hyperstimulation syndrome: Women who receive HCG injection are more likely to develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
4. Long term weight loss: Using HCG injections does not guarantee long term weight loss. Some HCG injection users have trouble maintaining their weight loss.

HCG Drops Pros

1. Reduces hunger: Like HCG injections, HCG drops helps in reducing hunger pangs and therefore reduce food intake. And when food intake is reduced, the person begins to lose weight.
2. Optimal exercise: Many people are either hesitant to exercise or simply don’t have the time to exercise on a regular basis. HCG drops helps a person lose weight without going to the gym.
3. Fat Redistribution: Fat redistribution is one of the benefits of using HCG drops. The drops not only assist in breaking down fat in the body, but it also helps in distributing and stopping excess fat.
4. Affordability: Unlike, weight loss programs and other products, HCG drops are quite affordable. One pack of HCG drops is cheaper than other products and programs.
5. Safer alternative: Because HCG drops are extracted from the body, the product is safe to use. The hormones in HCG drops are natural.

HCG Drops Cons

1. Side effects: Some of the side effects of taking HCG drops include migraine, change in menstrual cycle, stomach pain, etc.
2. Used alongside healthy diet: Using HCG drops are not effective if the person has a poor diet. A particular diet must be followed when using HCG drops.

Both HCG injections and HCG drops are great alternatives to other traditional weight loss methods. Using HCG is safe and effective, and it requires less time and effort at the gym. The hormones in HCG products are safe and have little to no side effects. Though many people rarely experience side effects from both the injections and the drops, there are still side effects from using the products. User must consult with their doctor before using HCG products. The doctor will exam potential users and decide whether in the product is right for them.

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