Eblogin was created for people who like unbiased news. A considerably small news company that has no interest in getting money for posting lies – this was one of the thoughts we had while creating the website. We don’t strive to become the most famous company, as there are so many larger firms that the niche seems totally packed.

However, we have got our readers base, and it’s expanding, which is a great surprise to us. The main thing we do is post the news we would be interested in, not those articles that would make us the first in the results list.

The Mission of the Service

The main mission of Eblogin is to provide people with information. This is one of the main purposes of the Internet, but, unfortunately, there are many scam websites that post news for money. There are also projects that involve false data and misguide people. Now it’s the time when you need to be updated with every bit of truthful information, and we are here to provide you with it.

We want you to be acknowledged in many different spheres of life, that’s why we post news from different fields. We write about domestic news and events, as well as about what’s happening outside our country. There are lots of things you should know, so start surfing our site right away!

The Mission of Our Writers

Our writers say their mission in writing news articles consists of pursuing the following goals:

  • The text has to be interesting to the team and to our potential readers.
  • It has to be explained in the reader-friendly language, without too difficult terms.
  • All things that may make it hard to understand the piece of news should be explained.
  • The piece of news has to be up-to-date unless it’s a historical article or analysis.
  • All feedbacks have to be processed and reflected on the way the news is conveyed.

These are simple goals, but it seems not all the websites really understand what is needed for a good news article. So we decided to unite everything we liked about news websites and put it into our own project. And now, you can get our news through RSS or just by visiting the website every week and read whatever you find interesting.

Contact Us for More Info

Want to know more about the origins of our company and what we do? Please, write us a message and be updated with every article. We are ready to answer all your questions and provide you with extra information!