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Nine Smart Reasons to Consider a Career in Accounting

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your lifetime. The modern job market is extremely competitive. Your best bet is to choose a career that has a lot of job growth, earning potential, and potential for advancement.

Whether math was or was not your favorite subject in school, you should consider a career in accounting for nine smart reasons:

1. Job Security

Unlike many other careers, accounting will never eliminated by technology. In fact, accounting and technology tend to be friends because technology enhances accounting practices. Governments, businesses, charities, and individuals all across the globe will always need someone to handle their money when in order to stay up and running. The projected job growth is 11 percent, which is faster than average.

2. Salary

The median salary for accountants is 69,350 dollars per year. The starting salary for accountants is around 50,000 dollars per year, which is way more than the average starting salary for a recent college graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

3. Not a Lot of Education is Needed

Many professions are now requiring their new hires to possess a graduate degree or are at least preferring their new hires to possess a graduate degree. Most entry-level accounting jobs only require a bachelor’s degree, which takes four years to complete when taking a full-time course load. Some bookkeeping jobs may only require a high school diploma or associate’s degree. The high starting salary will also help pay off student loan debt faster.

4. Variety

Contrary to popular belief, accounting does not only consist of sitting in a cold, eerily quiet office and playing with monotonous numbers all day. There are many different areas of accounting that you can go into (e.g. international, budgetary, and even forensic). In addition, there are also a variety of workplaces that you choose from because every business needs to handle money. Accountants are also involved in multiple facets of a company’s operations, which creates a variety of tasks.

5. Responsibility and Autonomy

Accountants have a great deal of responsibility in a company. Since they handle all of the monetary transactions, they often have a say in the company’s fiscal decisions. Their input can steer the company in the right direction. Their responsibility also comes with freedom. Accountants often work independently and without a boss constantly looking over their shoulder.

6. Respect

Some professions in the business world (e.g. salespeople) carry a stigma. Unlike some professions in the business world, accountants are highly-respected individuals in a company. People view that as experts; therefore, they are not afraid to go to them for advice regarding decisions that the company should make. Accountants have a reputation for being honest, organized, and intelligent.

7. Establishing Connections

Accountants associate with a wide variety of people. The ability to establish relationships with people of diverse backgrounds allows accountants to make connections that can help them later on in their career.

8. Constant Learning

Technology enhances the accounting business. Advances in technology means new learning. Accounts have the opportunity to stay up to date on current technology, which can help them in their life outside of work.

9. Career Advancement

Accounting offers a ton of opportunity for advancement. There are many opportunities to move up within the accounting and finance department or within the company. Many accountants rapidly advance to senior accountant, controller, etc.

Accounting in a Nutshell

You should consider a career in accounting because its job growth is faster than average, pays well, and has a plethora of opportunity for advancement. It only takes four years to become an accountant. You will not be limited to an office to roll numbers all day. You have a variety of areas and workplaces to choose from. You will be a highly-respected individual in a company. Advances in technology will keep your mind stimulated and help you in your personal life. The ability to meet a variety of people will help you with networking for changes or advancements in your career.

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