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How to Keep Your Home Secure

Home security may be at the forefront of your mind. News articles and TV news may regularly tell you about the details of local home invasions, vandalism and break-ins. Perhaps one of your friends or neighbors has recently been targeted by criminals. The good news is that there are many steps that you can take to bolster home security on your property. These are some of the leading tips to follow if you are concerned about the possibility of your home being targeted by criminals.

Update Your Locks

Locks on your doors and windows are among the most common mechanisms used to secure your home. However, if you did not change your locks when you moved in, someone else may have a copy of your key. They may even know the code to the keypad on your garage door opener. More than that, some locks are rather basic and are easier for criminals to bypass. Hiring a locksmith to update your locks and even to install more secure locks is a smart idea if you want to improve the level of security on your property. When your locks are more difficult to bypass, criminals may have to break a window to get inside the home. This can create a loud noise that they may want to avoid making, and this is because it could alert neighbors or passersby to their presence.

Invest in Security Technology

Modern technology has enabled homeowners to take the security of their homes to new heights. For example, smart home technology gives homeowners the ability to lock and unlock their doors, raise and lower their garage door and even turn lights on and off to mimic the appearance of somebody being inside the home even when it is unoccupied. Smart technology also gives you access to live footage of your home’s security cameras so that you can see exactly what is going on at all times. This technology is increasingly affordable and easy to use, and now may be a good time to invest in it if you have not already done so.

Choose the Right Home Security System

If your home does not have a security system, no may be the time to get one. A monitored security system ensures that your home’s entry points are secured at all times. In addition, you may have a motion sensor or other features that also enhance security. With different types of home security systems available, you can easily find one that meets your needs and that is priced affordably. Remember that the system may alert you and your monitoring company to the immediate presence of unwanted guests. Authorities can be called to your home immediately, which can increase the chance that they are caught. Criminals often avoid homes with a security system installed, so the system may deter criminal activity.

Focus on Your Landscaping

You may not realize that your landscaping impacts home security, but it actually plays an important role in several ways. For example, when your home has tall or excessive vegetation, criminals can use this vegetation to conceal their efforts to get in and out of the home. In addition, if your home’s exterior is dark at night, the shadows can provide criminals with additional cover. You can trim back your trees and bushes, especially focusing on those around your doors and windows. You may also install solar-powered landscaping lighting that will turn on at the same time each day. A motion-activated floodlight that sheds light on your driveway is another smart idea.

Home security may seem complicated to some. Others may feel like they have taken every step possible to secure their home. However, these are simple and easy steps that homeowners can take to enhance home security. Consider taking all of these steps so that you can decrease the chance of your home being targeted for a crime in the coming months and years.

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