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How “Dad Shoes” Went From Terrible to Trending

If there are two things that rarely go together, it is dads and fashion. While everyone loves their dad, most dads do not put being fashionable at the top of their priority list. Whether wearing pants situated well above the waist, strolling around wearing that reliable and comfortable pair of old blue jeans along with a flannel shirt, or putting on that t-shirt from the Stone Age that just won’t die, these and other elements of a dad’s wardrobe can make even the sturdiest of family members cringe. However, if you ask most people, these fashion statements pale in comparison to what are known as “dad shoes.” Big and bulky sneakers that look as if they have been hiding in a closet since the 1990s, these shoes are remarkably making a comeback in today’s fashion world. If you’re wondering why or how, here is how “dad shoes” went from terrible to trending.

Instagram Influencers

If you spend any time online, you know Instagram influencers play a key role in determining what will be the next great fashion trend. Thus, if you despise “dad shoes,” you have these folks to blame for what is now occurring. From the Kardashians to plenty of other celebrities and pro athletes, more and more of these and other prominent people are showing up on Instagram and other online sites wearing these chunky shoes that only a few years ago were about as uncool as uncool gets. 

A Return to Comfort

Through the years, fashion trends have not always concentrated on clothing or shoes that were actually comfortable to wear. For women who find themselves squeezing their feet into high-heeled shoes, they know this all too well. However, as Millennials and others of today’s younger generation start to take over the fashion world, the emphasis is swinging back to being as comfortable as possible. Say what you will about “dad shoes,” but no one can deny they are very comfortable on one’s feet. Therefore, whether you are wanting to make a fashion statement or just wanting to wear a pair of shoes that keep your feet very comfortable, you can do both with “dad shoes.”

The Retro Look

As experts in the fashion world know very well, even if a certain style of clothing or shoes goes out of style with people, sooner or later it will once again become popular. This has been what has happened with “dad shoes,” since with many of today’s younger generation, the retro look is now back in style. If you are walking around in your favorite pair of “dad shoes,” you are definitely nothing if not retro. 

Nike and New Balance

If you think this trend will run its course and disappear as quickly as it came about, think again. Due to the popularity of “dad shoes,” major shoe manufacturers such as Nike and New Balance are busy producing various styles of these shoes. Complete with a variety of styles and colors, there is little doubt that as these shoes hit the market, consumers will be buying them up as fast as possible. 

Affordable (For Now)

Since there is nothing a dad loves more than finding a good deal on something he wants to buy, “dad shoes” have always been considered one of the best values when it comes to sneakers. Comfortable and long-lasting, there was always no doubt dads everywhere were getting a good bang for their buck by purchasing these sneakers. However, while many of these shoes are still very affordable, that may be changing. As they grow in popularity with celebrities and become a bigger and bigger fashion trend, it is anticipated the prices of these shoes will jump substantially in the coming years. Therefore, if you have your eye on a certain pair or two of “dad shoes” at your local store, it’s probably a good idea to buy them now while they are still affordable.

Whether it is Kanye West designing pairs of “dad shoes” for his fashion line, celebrities like Meg Ryan and Ed Sheeran walking the red carpet in these clunky and brightly-colored sneakers, or Nike and New Balance creating new styles, it looks as if “dad shoes” are here to stay.

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