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How to Clean Pollen off Your Car

It is very important that you clean pollen off the surface of your car because while it may look harmless, it has the potential to actually scratch the surface of the car’s paint. Those little bits of pollen act like an abrasive if not cleaned off regularly, and can leave permanent marks in the paint that diminish the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Here are a few simple tips on how to clean pollen off your car:

Keeping Your Car Indoors

Although not a method for cleaning the pollen off your car, keeping it in the garage will certainly minimize the work required to keep your vehicle clean. The heaviest part of the pollen season only lasts a few months at the most, so if you can keep the car indoors it will certainly reduce the chances of scratches on the paint surface. One added benefit to keeping the car in the garage is that cleaning off the pollen will be much easier.

Bringing the car to a self-serve car wash and then going right into your garage will help to minimize the amount of pollen that gets trapped on your vehicle.

Adding Additional Layer of Protection

Once you have washed your car and have it dry in the garage, consider applying a coat of quality car wash or sealant. Any of the car wax products by Mothers will suffice, as they add a strong barrier that makes it difficult for the pollen to scratch the clear coat of your paint. Be sure to apply the car wax to every painted surface on your vehicle, it will be well worth the extra effort. Now that the wax or sealant is on the car, the pollen will simply glide off your moving vehicle.

As long as you are keeping the car inside the garage, the wax should be able to keep the car clear of pollen as you drive. The wind is certainly your friend during pollen season.

Cleaning Your Parked Car of Pollen

If you have applied a thick coating of car wax or sealant but do not park your car in a garage, then pollen will accumulate. As long as you are driving, the pollen has little chance to stick to the paint because of the slick wax surface, but when parked in your driveway for hours at a time, the pollen can accumulate quickly like snow. Since you have already applied the wax, the pollen simply needs a little push to be removed. Bring the car to the self-serve car wash and just hose off the pollen with the water wand.

If you have a hose at home, spray the car from the top down to allow the pollen to slide off the car surface easily. The only issue with washing the car, you are going to get water stains. Polish the car after washing to keep it clean.

Keeping Up Your Cleaning Routine

During the heaviest of the pollen season, your car is going to be like a magnet to pollen, regardless how good you clean it. The key to minimizing the damage the pollen can do to the surface of your car requires you to be a little vigilant this time of year. Even if you are parking the car in the garage, you need to be getting to the car wash at least twice a week. This will make it easier to remove pollen, and help to keep your car looking clean through these few tough months.

If you bring the vehicle to the car wash weekly, you are basically resetting the cleanliness of the car and making subsequent cleanings faster and easier. Polishing the car surface after a good rinsing will protect the surface longer and reduce the chances of scratches diminishing the appearance of your vehicle.

If you get into a cleaning routine around heavy pollen season, it will go a long way in keeping the exterior of your vehicle looking like new. Don’t fret, high pollen season only lasts a few weeks, so although it might seem like a chore today, you will better appreciate the shine of your vehicle when the summer arrives.

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