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How-to Achieve a Minimalist Style Look

Minimalism is in, and that includes not just living spaces, but fashion. The minimalist look is very aesthetically pleasing when it’s done right, and it’s also beneficial for the wearer because they don’t need to have as many clothes.

The worry you may have about going for a minimalist look is that you’ll end up looking boring, and that can happen if you don’t choose what you wear carefully. An effective minimalist look will have plenty of life to it, but when it’s done wrong, it just looks plain. Follow this guide and you’ll achieve a look that wows people with its style and simplicity.

1. Start by Decluttering Your Closet

You theoretically could pull off a minimalist look every day even if your wardrobe was anything but minimal. A minimalist lifestyle isn’t a prerequisite for minimalist fashion, but it certainly helps. When you have too many clothes to choose from, it’s hard to piece together minimal outfits every day.

That’s why it’s best to start your journey by decluttering your closet. Go through your entire closet and separate everything into sections. The items you love and wear often will be the ones you definitely keep. The items you never wear will need to go. Things you wear once in a blue moon should probably go, although you can keep some of them if you feel like they could work well for you.

2. Make Sure All Your Clothing and Accessories Fit Your Personal Style

Some of the most common advice for a minimalist style is to create wardrobe full of neutral colors. This can work, but it doesn’t make sense if you like to wear brighter clothing. When you’re adopting a minimalist style, you should downsize your wardrobe, but the way to do that is making sure everything you own fits your own personal style, whatever that may be.

A grey t-shirt may be a great piece for some people, but if it’s something you’d hardly ever wear, then you shouldn’t get it because of its supposed versatility. The most versatile pieces are the ones you can wear the most, which means you need to take your style into account to find them.

3. Use Accessories to Improve Basic Outfits

The minimalist look is about doing less with more. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to spice up your basic outfits with accessories. For example, blue jeans and a white t-shirt is a basic, minimalist outfit that can look good, but is also very plain. You can make that same outfit look much more exciting with a bandana, a beret or another accessory. This also helps you make your outfits look different, even if you’re wearing the same basic pieces.

4. Find Inspiration and Outfit Ideas Online

When you need ideas, look no further than your computer and smartphone. There are plenty of style resources online where you can get new ideas on what will look good with your minimalist style.

You could get minimalist fashion ideas on style blogs, through Pinterest or on Instagram, to name just a few popular options. It’s good to follow at least a couple style bloggers, because you can use what they wear as a jumping off point to create your own outfit ideas.

5. Be a Selective Shopper

Decluttering your closet won’t mean much if you accumulate dozens of new items in the next few months. Just like you only want to have items that you love and that fit your style when you’re done decluttering, you also should be that picky when you go shopping.

It’s best to only invest in high-quality pieces that you’re confident you’ll wear often. This way, you can spend more per item, because you’re not buying as much. Be selective about what you buy and don’t be afraid to leave the store without getting anything.

The minimalist style is more than just a cool look. It can change your entire life for the better, as you’ll be focusing more on the quality of your clothes instead of the quantity.

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