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9 Times When You Need to Have a Manhole Ladder on Hand

When people think about manhole ladders, only a few uses for this tool come to mind. In most cases, people figure it should be used to climb in and out of manholes. Therefore, construction and water department workers are likely the only people who might need to use one of these ladders. However, there are many other instances where these ladders make sense for use, and here are nine of them to consider closely.

  1. Children and Ditches

Sometimes, children take a hard fall. When they play around restricted areas like sewer tunnels, though, they can easily fall and become trapped. Therefore, having a manhole ladder handy will help them to escape these traps with ease. Manhole ladders are sturdy enough to withhold extra weight as well, so an adult can easily go down one of these ladders and bring a child back up with them.

  1. Climbing onto the Roof

Some people might think a typical ladder used by a construction worker is the only type needed to climb up and down from a roof. However, these ladders are known for not being the most stable options in the world. For people who need to climb up ladders to work on roofs and carry heavy packs of shingles at the same time, having a manhole ladder handy can mean trusting a ladder with more support.

  1. Helping Others Escape Fires

The ladder trucks fire departments use come with really sturdy equipment. However, these ladder trucks are difficult to find in rural areas. Therefore, having a manhole ladder accessible means a person might be able to climb to a second or third story window and break into a burning house for the sake of saving someone else. The ladder will also support the dead weight if someone passes out and needs to be carried to safety.

  1. Going Down a Steep Hill

In some instances, biker riders and hikers might take a nasty tumble off a steep incline. If this incline is blocked by vines and rocks, then reaching them can be quite the task. Manhole ladders are great for reaching down to people over various types of terrain, and they are easy to traverse. Therefore, someone who is wounded might be able to climb up one of these ladders at an incline more easily than a typical ladder.

  1. Climbing on Top of Large Trucks

Cleaning a large truck like an 18-wheeler can be extremely difficult. Humans are only so tall, after all. Therefore, a manhole ladder can be used in this instance to reach the top of one of these trucks safely. Manhole covers are made for use in water situations as well, so they are not likely to slip during the cleaning process.

  1. Saving Cats in Trees

Old movies and cartoons through the ages capture hilarious instances where a fireman has to save a cat from a tree. Fighting to keep hold of a scared cat when trying to rescue it can be quite the task. Therefore, using a manhole ladder will provide added stability when trying to bring the cat and rescuer back to the ground safely.

  1. Scaling Tall Buildings

For construction workers who need to reach the tops of higher buildings, manhole ladders can be extremely beneficial. Most of these ladders can reach upwards of 100 feet or more, so they can easily reach the top of some commercial buildings. At the same time, they are easy to stagnate and move up and down from one level to the next.

  1. Climbing Out of Houses under Water

Some parts of the world experience more flooding than others, especially during certain times of the year. Therefore, a manhole ladder can be essential in escaping homes under water in some cases. They are durable and can be lined up between houses or down to parts of dry land with ease.

  1. Digging Out of a Snowed in House

Much like with the flooding situation, some parts of the world experience more snow than others. In some cases, entire houses have come under lock down due to blizzards. Therefore, a manhole ladder can be used to anchor an escape route down through the snow safely. They are sturdy enough for someone to dig along as they try to escape.


Many people do not realize that manhole ladders have many applications. They do not just have to be used by people who work in sewers. They can be a life saver around any house with ease.

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