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9 Questions When Packing for a Move

The moving process can be hectic and stressing, a fact that often discourages most people from moving houses! To ease the stress, we have reviewed 9 important questions that you need to ask yourself before moving to help guide you through the process. After understanding the issues that might pop up during a move, you will find the process easy and pocket-friendly.


1. Do you hire movers or move yourself?


This mind boggler troubles most people when planning a move. Depending on the costs, time, complexity, and distance, this question can be answered differently for different people. To move yourself, you need to establish whether you can get help on your moving day, evaluate your moving experience, and factor in the distance of your move among other considerations. Weigh all your options and choose the best one depending on your moving needs.


2. How do you get the best movers?


This is the highlight of the move itself; you have to ensure that you get the best movers at the best budget who will ensure that your stuff arrives in time and in excellent condition. There are different types of movers offering different services to their customers. For example, some movers will help you with packing, unpacking, and reassembly of furniture among other move related services. You should also find out how much you should tip the movers beforehand.


3. How do you get rid of the things you do not want to move?


Most times, we retain too much junk in the house. However, what is junk to you might be very useful to someone else. With the evolution of online selling sites like e-Bay, you can easily relieve yourself of the things that you don’t use. You can also choose to have a garage sale at your house.


4. How do you move your family?


Moving not only takes a toll on the parents but also the children. They can be affected psychologically because moving means a new environment, a new school, and new friends. It is important to talk to them about moving and review the schools within the new location. Family should be involved in the whole process to ensure that everyone understands what is happening as well as offer insights that could have been missed within the planning.


5. How do you pack everything and still stay organized?


Packing is the most essential step when moving. Sometimes, people miss the basics and end up running up and down on the moving day. Proper packing and labelling ensures that the moving is easy and ensures that your property will arrive safely. Prepare an exhaustive list of your items and the supplies that you will need when packing.


6. What happens on moving day?


Moving day is so hectic since you are moving from one house into another in a span of hours. Despite being well organized and all, the day can be very stressing, which means you need to know what you will need, and what to expect. Have a packing, moving, and unpacking timeline to help you plan the day.


7. Have you saved up enough money to move?


Moving can be quite costly which means that you need to save up before moving. As such, have a moving budget to give you a peek of what you need. If you cannot meet the budget, it means that you might have to struggle through the process.


8. Can you save money when moving?


With a budget, you can now decide what is excessive and identify what you can eliminate to cut down some of the costs. You can reduce your moving costs by moving only what is necessary, packing by yourself as opposed to hiring people to do it for you, and finding an affordable mover near you.


9. How do you get help?


When planning a move, you might need extra hands. As such, you should decide beforehand whether to use movers, ask friends to help along, or get people in your new location to help.

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