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9 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Caterer

Your wedding reception is one of the most anticipated moments. Therefore, you ought to ensure your guests enjoy sumptuous meals and exemplary services at the reception. The following questions are helpful when choosing the best caterer for your wedding.

1. Does The Caterer Have a License?

A license provides proof that the caterer has met local health and food preparation standards. If you want to give alcohol at your wedding, make sure the caterer has a liquor license. More to this, caterers who serve alcohol need to have liquor liability insurance. This is helpful if your guests injure themselves or cause damage to property. You will be held responsible, but the liquor liability insurance will minimize the charges if such things happen.

2. Is The Caterer Booked on Your Wedding Date?

Some caterers commit to two or more weddings on the same day. However, this doesn’t mean the services will be affected. Caterers who have multiple bookings provide adequate staff. The reason you want to know is to ensure the caterers do not coincide your wedding services with the other events and practice proper coordination.

3. Does The Caterer Have References From Previous Clients?

References can provide the information you may not find out just by talking to a caterer. A previous client can help you understand what it is like working with that particular caterer through their experience. You can get a few references that have had a wedding setting similar to yours regarding the number of guests and the reception menu.

4. What Types Of Food Does The Caterer Provide?

The reception menu is an essential element in your wedding plan. You want to know if the caterer provides certain types of food such as gluten-free, children- friendly, organic, fresh, or frozen foods. If you need a particular kind of menu, get a caterer that specializes in it. They will provide you with the right resources prepare the meal properly and serve as you desire.

5. Does The Reception Meal Come Full-Service?

You will want to know if the caterer handles the table setting, bar services and clean up. The services will depend on the different packages a caterer offers. If it isn’t full service, you will have to hire and pay additional staff.

6. Are There Packages And What Is The Price Range?

A considerable amount of your budget will go to catering, so be sure to weigh various options when choosing a caterer. What does the package offer? How many courses come with the package? Also, you will want to know if your caterer charges are based on the foods you choose or if you can get all-inclusive rates. If you are planning on having many guests, packages can help you save some bucks. Before you conclude, ask for sample menu plans to determine what works well with your budget.

7. Does The Caterer Provide Staff?

Most caterers prefer to use their employees even if the wedding venue provides staff. They understand how the company works and what they will be expected to do for a successful event. Discuss what the team will wear to match the tone and style of your wedding. Also, make sure you confirm how many waiters will come with the package you choose for your wedding.

8. How Is The Food Preparation Schedule?

You will want to know what time the food will be ready. Some foods have to be prepared last, and others have to be prepared way in advance. Also, ask your caterer what time the food is expected to be ready for guests. Also, how long will it take to serve and clear the tables. Knowing the schedule will help you plan on the other elements of your wedding day.

9. Are There Extra Fees?

You do not want to incur additional costs after your wedding. These charges will affect your total wedding budget hence important to know ahead of time. Such fees include security deposits, sales tax, service charge, damage deposits, etc.


A wedding caterer should provide you with the best reception food service. Therefore, it is important to ask as many questions as you can to ensure nothing is left out. Also, plan early to settle deposits and avoid delays on your wedding day.

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