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9 Qualities to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

It is not every day that you get to choose a wedding photographer. Planning a wedding can be an adventure, provided that you have the right approach. Before you can get to this part of the process, you need to determine the kind of qualities that help in differentiating between an amazing wedding photographer, and a capable one.

You not only need to feel really good about their portfolio, but you should you also feel at ease and comfortable when you are with them. Keep in mind that this is someone who will be intimately involved in your wedding. Therefore, both you and your partner should feel comfortable working with them.

1- Photography Education and Training

You do not need to have a master’s degree in photography to be a great photographer. But education and training have been known to assist a professional photographer in enhancing their skills in numerous ways. You need to establish the kind of background that your preferred photographer has in this field. This will involve determining whether they have taken any special photography classes.

2- How Long Has the Photographer Been Working

The length of time that the professional has been in the field is vital. You need someone who is well versed with wedding photography. Professionals who have only worked in studio setups will normally have a very steep learning curve. Confirm that the photographer has indeed worked on various weddings on their own in the past. A wedding photographer needs to have a special connection with the couple getting married. It is not only about taking amazing shots at the ceremony.

3- Professional Credentials

Another great way to verify the credentials of a photographer is by looking at their credentials. Have they received any special awards during their time in the industry? Inquire on whether the photographer is a part of any local professional network. This can help you learn more about them while getting a glimpse on their expertise and service levels.

4- Reviews from Past Clients

You need to know what couples who have worked with the photographer in the past have to say about them. It is possible to know what they have to say by going online. Some of the websites to checkout will include Wedding Wire, The Wedding Channel, Google, and even Yelp. Checking out these reviews will help in putting your mind at ease. Remember that hiring the professional wedding photographer is an investment. You need someone who will work with you to create lasting moments.

5- What Type of Equipment Does the Photographer Use?

A photographer needs quality equipment to be able to deliver quality pictures. Quality photography equipment does not come cheap. It is not only expensive, but the photographer also needs to have specialized training and knowledge to be able to use the equipment with ease. An experienced photographer should always be well prepared. This means that they should have backup photography equipment like additional flashes, extra camera body, and multiple lenses. They need to be well prepared for all kinds of lighting scenarios. Confirm that this professional can actually shoot the quality pictures in the kind of setting that you have planned for the wedding.

6- Work Samples

Whenever you are going through a photographer’s portfolio, you need to be on the lookout for portraits that showcase the stylistic elements you desire for your wedding. You should like the overall photography style. If possible, try and envision yourself being in those photos. You can also get a clearer picture of what to expect by checking out the full wedding galleries of clients a photographer has worked with recently.

7- Professional Attributes

An experienced wedding photographer tends to be reliable, as well as respectful. The photographer will also want to understand your needs as a couple. You have to remember that this professional will be intimately involved with most aspects of the wedding day. You must, therefore, choose someone who loves their work, and have a great personality.

8- Artistry

Photography is a form of art. Sculptors and painters tend to have their own unique techniques and styles. The same also applies to photographers. An experienced wedding photographer will have developed methods for use in capturing different types of weddings. You can see the artistry in how they shoot the photos, locations that were chosen, as well as the editing techniques that are employed.

9- Photographers’ Presence

You can learn a lot about a professional based on their attitude alone. Check whether they are welcoming. Are they interested in what you are trying to communicate? The planning phase will proceed much more smoothly if you get a professional photographer who has a great attitude.

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