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9 Common Things Buyers Look For in a New Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is considered to be the most important room of the home where residents spend a significant amount of time. When it comes to improving the interior setting, the kitchen should be remodeled to increase its functionality and design. Here are a few common things buyers look for during a kitchen remodel when they want to dine and entertain in a beautiful setting.

1. Large Island

Most people want more countertop space in their kitchen to prep food for each meal. A large island will also provide extra space to store pots and pans underneath and can be placed in the center of the room. Consider using a vintage furniture item in the middle of the kitchen and adding a countertop to create a unique piece that you’ll use each day.

2. Modern Backsplash

Backsplashes contribute the overall design of the space and can be used above the sink and oven. A modern backsplash can feature white subway tiles or an intricate mosaic design, which will work as the focal point in the room.

3. Pull-out Kitchen Cabinets

According to, pull-out kitchen cabinets are ideal for recycling bins or trash cans, which can free up space on the floor. It also makes for a discrete way of hiding the bins and keeping the feature out of sight.

Pull-out kitchen cabinets can also contain the smells coming from the garbage, which can create a more pleasant setting.

4. Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are replacing granite and are considered to be more affordable than marble. Quartz is extremely durable and is easy to clean with soap and water when you want to wipe them down. Kitchen & Bath Factory said, “Quartz cabinets are increasing in popularity because they look sleek and neutral which can open up the room with the light color shades of the countertops.”

5. Darker Floors

According to, darker floors are in demand because they pair well with white cabinets, which will create a light and airy setting. The dark feature also adds a cozy touch that has plenty of contrast.

You can also utilize dark tiles that feature geometric shapes compared to wood floor boards if you want a unique design that is stunning. Statement floor tiles are a current trend that works as the focal point of the room and can allow the kitchen to look professionally designed.

7. Black Appliances

Stainless steel products have been popular in the last decade, but more people are turning to black appliances when remodeling the kitchen. Black appliances don’t dominate the room compared to silver appliances and add extra warmth. From refrigerators to stoves, it’s important to consider using energy-efficient black appliances that are sophisticated.

8. Metallic Features

Metallic features are ideal for their ability to add a chic element that looks high-end and adds extra contrast to the setting. Consider adding a copper range hood with copper sheeting that can be installed above the oven or brass fixtures on the cabinets. You can also install metallic light fixtures overhead, which will look regal with different types of color shades in the room.

9. Open Shelves

Open shelving is one of the latest looks with kitchen remodels and allows you to show off your favorite bowls and cups. Open shelves make the room appear larger and don’t require as many materials compared to cabinets. Consider using reclaimed wood for the shelves, which will add extra character to the space and will make it appear rustic. The open shelves are not only stylish, but it also adds extra functionality to the room by making it easy to find what you need in seconds without digging around in dark cabinets.

The shelves can be stacked on the wall with the most important items that are used every day on the bottom shelves. Place collectibles and fine china that is rarely used on the top shelf.

When you want to transform the look of your kitchen, there are several ways to update the space while performing a remodel. With the right materials and designs used, you can boost your home’s value and have a new favorite room to spend time in each day.

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