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9 Clever Ways for Remembering to Brush Your Teeth Daily

Brushing your teeth is imperative for great oral health. Yet, many people have problems remembering to brush. They get busy with the morning rush, work, kids, household responsibilities, and everything else. Teeth are often the last thing on your mind. However, to have great teeth, they need to be brushed daily. Here are nine easy ways that you can help yourself to remember this day-to-day chore.

1. Lay Out The Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Setting the toothpaste and toothbrush on the counter will help you during the morning rush, It is hard to forget about something that is setting right in front of you.

2. Make Specific Times To Brush

Set a schedule to brush your teeth. If you get up each morning at 6 am, make sure brushing your teeth is the first or second thing you do. After dinner, take another five minutes and brush. By having a routine in your mind, it will be easier to ensure your choppers are a first priority.

3. Making An Activity Schedule

Some people really get into a routine. For instance, when they are in the shower, they start with the hair first. Then they move on to their face, underarms, stomach and other parts. Why not incorporate tooth brushing into that routine? Right after your hair, you can wash your face and brush your teeth. If you don’t want to brush in the shower, always brush before you get into the shower to keep a set schedule.

4. Set An Alarm

It seems a bit unrealistic to set an alarm to brush your teeth, but you should do whatever works. Commonwealth Dentistry said, “Set your cell phone alarm and have it remind you to brush your teeth.” Some people do this up to three times a day. It will ensure you never miss a scheduled cleaning.

5. Create 30 Day Habits

Researchers say that if you do something for 30 days straight that it becomes ingrained in your brain as routine. What if you brushed your teeth every day at 6 am for 30 days straight. By day 30, it should be deep-seated as part of your repetitive chores.

6. Make Tooth Brushing Fun

Most people don’t like brushing because it is a mundane chore. So, why not make it a bit enjoyable? Try out several kinds of toothpaste and find the best one. You can record your toothpaste comparisons on a video blog on YouTube. Social media is full of people doing challenges. Why not make it fun and it will help you to focus on your oral health?

7. Reward Yourself

When it comes to rewards, we are not talking about a new car or anything major, but give yourself rewards for remembering to brush. If you remember to brush three times one day, give yourself a sweet treat or something else you want. Use the same methods that are used on children to give yourself some motivation.

8. Use A Chore Chart

It is so juvenile, but a chore chart may help you to remember. Hang a little chart with your daily hygiene tasks on the bathroom wall. Things like swab ears, brush teeth, floss, and other things can help you remember all the things you are likely to forget in a hurry.

9. Make The Event Fun

If you spice up your brushing time, you may look forward to it. One DJ from a radio station said how much he hated brushing his teeth. However, he loved music. He began playing one of his favorite songs during his brushing sessions. Soon he found that he was jamming to the song, and he brushed for a longer period. It became a daily routine that he absolutely enjoys. Why not incorporate something quirky and fun like this into your brushing routine?

Brushing doesn’t have to be so boring. There are numerous mouthwashes, toothpaste and other products that can help rejuvenate your mouth. Who doesn’t want kissable breath? If only everyone took the time to brush and floss daily, then the world would be more smiles. When you brush your teeth, you remove plaque and other toxins. You won’t be afraid to smile and show off your pearly whites.

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