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9 Benefits of Selling Your Home Directly to a Real Estate Company

It doesn’t matter if you are selling your house because you want to avoid foreclosure or your job is transferring you this month to a new city, the option of selling directly to a real estate company is certainly a great option.

These are 9 benefits of selling your home directly to a real estate company.

1. Best Option for Selling Fast

When selling fast is your only option, your choices are certainly going to be limited. Even if you did find a qualified buyer in record time, one hiccup in the closing process and you are back to square one. With the real estate company, you are going to complete the process in the shortest amount of time.

2. Fast Cash Availability

When you are needing your cash fast after selling your house, don’t expect to see all your money any time soon if you are dealing with a traditional buyer. At closing, money may be set aside in escrow in the event repairs are needed. With the real estate company, you get your money faster to take care of any pressing issues.

3. No Extra Costs

One of the big advantages of working with the real estate company is there will be no extra costs included in the sale price. If you sell to a buyer through a traditional real estate broker, it seems like everyone is getting a small slice of the pie and leaving you with just morsels when done.

4. No Need to Make Home Repairs

One of the most costly parts of selling your house to a traditional buyer is they want repairs made before they will close. In many cases, these repair costs can be extremely expensive, taking a huge chunk of your profits when you are hoping to get your hands on as much of the money as possible when the house sells.

5. Flexible Payment Options

Unlike a traditional buyer, the real estate company is in the position to offer you flexible payment options. Maybe you need to get your hands on some of the cash today to take care of pressing issues, or perhaps you would like the money placed in an account overseas, the options are limitless.

6. Best Way to Avoid Foreclosure

If you were to allow the house to fall into foreclosure, you are going to be saddled with that financial burden for years. Trying to find the cash to avoid a foreclosure is difficult, so working with the real estate company will allow you to get out from under this sale and actually walk away with cash in hand in the end.

7. No Dealing with Tire Kickers

While you are trying to get a buyer for the house, everyone within ten miles of your house wants to get inside to see how your interior holds up to theirs. The real estate company is only interested in the property and not the details of your design. You won’t have to keep staging your house in an effort to get a potential buyer excited to the point they make an offer.

8. No Commissions or Fees

The real estate company does operate along the same lines as traditional realtors. There is not going to be a commission that gets divided up between a bunch of parties, and there will be no fees at closing that take an enormous bite out of your profits. Once the agreed upon price is in the contract, you get that money when the deal closes.

9. Saves You Time

Even if you have a few potential qualified buyers on the hook with your house, the entire closing process takes time. The financial institution usually drags their feet right up to the last minute, and this doesn’t include if a minor issue were to slow down the whole process. With the real estate company, once the contract is completed, the deal is done.

Selling your home directly to a real estate company is a smart decision for all these reasons an more. When money is priority one, dealing with the real estate company means you get that cash faster than any other process.

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