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9 Benefits of Having Your Military Ribbons Mounted

Throughout your military career, you are likely to accumulate an array of ribbons. These will be for ranks, honors, awards, and much more. Having them mounted in a professional way is beneficial for a number of reasons.

1- Show Your Military Service

When someone walks into your home or office, they should know that you have a military background. One of the best ways to show this off is by having your military ribbons mounted. It will make it easy to show off your military service and admire all that you have done for your country.

2- Avoid Losing Your Ribbons

Once you are out of the military, the ribbons might be easy to lose. They are no longer mounted to a uniform. You don’t want to get into a situation where you put your ribbons into a drawer or a box as that is when you are sure to misplace them.

3- Avoid Damaging Your Ribbons

Ribbons are tough, but they’re not as tough as you might think. If you don’t mount the military ribbons, they could become damaged. If you put everything from your military career in the same box, the ribbons could fade, break, or become damaged in some other way. The best way to avoid this is by having them mounted so they are behind glass, protected from the elements.

4- Identify Your Rank and Service Awards

If someone begins talking to you about your military status, it’s easy to show off your rank and service awards through your ribbons. When people see everything mounted, they will know whether you were enlisted or an officer. They will be able to see what kinds of wars you fought in, whether you received a purple heart and all sorts of other honors. It allows you to brag about what you have done in a very noble way.

5- Decorate Your Home or Office

There might be that one spot on the wall of your home or office that needs some decor. Rather than hanging a picture that doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s better to have all of your military ribbons mounted so that you can show off.

Various mounts are available, allowing you to choose the size and color that works for the room. Whether you want light wood, dark wood, or a colored frame, it’s possible to get the look that you desire.

6- Promote Military Pride

You should be proud of having served in the military. There are many people (and businesses) that hang a flag as a way of promoting military pride. You can take it a step further by displaying your ribbons. It will allow you to show that you have served your country in a way that not everyone has been able to do.

It’s also a great way to get a conversation started with another veteran as they may have similar military ribbons of their own.

7- Give a Beautiful Gift

If you were the one in the military, you might decide to have your military ribbons mounted and gift it to a family member. It’s a great way to thank them for their support of your career. If you have a loved one who has served, collecting their ribbons and having them mounted will allow you to create a gift.

8- Create an Heirloom

When you take the time to have the military ribbons mounted, you create an heirloom. This is something that you can hand down through the generations to show off what you did in the military. Many families have similar displays for members who were in World War I and even the Civil War.

9- Gain a Professional Look

Create a professional look for the military ribbons. You can have all of the military ribbons mounted professionally to ensure that it looks great and stands up against the tests of time.

By knowing more about why you should have your own ribbons mounted, it will allow you to display them with pride.

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