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8 Ways Having Hair Extensions Will Benefit Your Personal Look

Hair extensions have, for decades, held a long and profitable representation in American pop culture. When hair extensions first hit the scene in the late 1970s, they were predominantly used by Hollywood actors to enhance their personal beauty brands. By the late 1980s and early 1990s, this celebrity trend began to be widely consumed by the everyday population as women began to witness the enhancement benefits of hair extensions. If you are deliberating on whether or not to give hair extensions a try, consider these 8 ways that having hair extensions will benefit your personal look.

1- Hair Extensions Add Luster and Length

An obvious benefit of adding hair extensions is the immediate addition of luster and length to one’s personal look. There can be several hindrances to hair growth and several causes of hair thinning. Both these issues can be quickly combatted through the use of hair extensions. Because of the popularity of hair extensions around the world, women can now gain immediate access to the hairstyles they desire regardless of the length, luster, or thickness of their natural hair.

2- Hair Extensions Protect Your Natural Hair From Damage

A beneficial and sometimes unnoticed result of using hair extensions is the flourishing effect the extensions have on the natural hair of the user. The installation of hair extensions often requires natural hair to be placed in protective styles such as braids or flat buns. While the natural hair is protected beneath the hair extensions, it is exposed to minimal heat, manipulation, and other damaging processes. This allows the hair to flourish and expand in thickness and length at a swift rate. Many women who use hair extensions on a regular basis report seeing a significant, positive change in hair growth in as little as six months.

3- Hair Extensions Allow for Versatility

Hair extensions also give women a freedom and versatility that is difficult to obtain with natural hairstyles. One of the reasons that hair extensions gained popularity among celebrities is the ability to achieve several styles in a brief period of time. While excessive heat and styling tools cannot be used on natural hair without disastrous results, styling aids can be used on hair extensions with virtually no negative results. This allows hair extension users to create beautiful, versatile styles on a regular basis without worrying about compromising the integrity of the natural hair.

4- Hair Extensions Are Easy to Manage

Hair extensions also have the added benefit of easy manageability. While natural hair needs to be treated regularly with shampoo, conditioning, and other nourishing treatments, hair extensions require much less maintenance. The average hair extension piece requires maintenance only once per month and does not require daily manipulation.

5- Hair Extensions Cut Down on Hair Preparation Time

Hair extensions are often praised for their ability to cut down preparation time. While normal hair routines require a rigorous cleansing, conditioning, and blow drying session on a daily basis, hair extensions create the ability to wake up with beautifully styled hair.

6- Hair Extensions Are Easy to Color

Natural hair often looks beautiful when it is dyed, but harsh dyes and detergents can create irreparable damage to natural tresses. Hair extensions can be bleached, dyed, and otherwise chemically altered without adding damage to natural hair. With extensions, women can achieve colorful hairstyles that they have always wanted to try without compromising the health of their natural hair.

7- Hair Extensions Allow You to Look Your Best Even When You Don’t Feel Your Best

For decades, hair extensions have been used to assist women who are ill with their personal beauty routines. Typically, people who are sick see the results of illness on their skin, body, and hair. With hair extensions, illnesses are less noticeable and women are able to look their best even when feeling awful.

8- Hair Extensions Are Widely Available

The wide availability of hair extensions in the modern hair industry also provides a benefit to women who wish to wear them. The fact that this market has become thoroughly saturated is great news for women who love hair extensions because of price regulation. While hair extensions were once too expensive for the average American, the prices have now been adjusted because of competition and are available to women of all socio economic backgrounds.

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