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8 Vital Reasons to Install an In-Home Elevator

There was a time when elevators were only in the homes of people who were elderly, disabled, or extremely wealthy. Those times have changed, and elevators are now seen by many as a practical addition to a home. Homeowners and designers are finding many good reasons to include an elevator inside new and existing homes.

1- Increased Property Value

An installed elevator can add significantly to the resale value of a home. This fact can make the cost of adding the elevator a profitable investment. Many homebuyers today include elevator access as a desired amenity when searching for a new home. One reason for this is homebuyers often have an eye on the future and are planning for a day when they may experience mobility issues.

If you now have an elevator in your home that is not providing you with many of the other potential benefits of an elevator, you can count on an addition to the home’s resale value.

2- Convenience

Many people are unaware that less space is needed for an elevator then for a staircase. Homeowners that opt for an elevator in place of a staircase will increase the amount of square footage available for other things. An elevator will also prove useful when it is necessary to transport boxes, luggage, groceries, or other items from the first floor of the home to the second level or higher.

3- Functionality

In addition to the convenience that comes with elevators, homeowners also have the opportunity to improve the day to day functionality of the home. Older individuals and people who need great effort to travel between different levels in a home will benefit from the elevator the most. Elevators can also make it easier to perform chores and transport children between levels of the home. The overall functionality of the home is improved by eliminating much of the legwork involved with moving people or things between levels of the house.

4- Safety and Security

Elevators can make a home safer for individuals who may be at risk for accidents when climbing a flight of stairs. It may be a good idea also to place features on elevators that will assure no unauthorized use can happen.

A residential elevator can also be used to enhance home security when working in conjunction with other home security features.

5- Style Statement

Many homeowners who opt for a home elevator do so for the added style and sophistication the elevator provides. The design variety available to homeowners assures an elevator can be added with a style that fits the taste of the owner. Homeowners can choose from stainless steel frames, sleek cubes, pneumatic tubes, and other elevator designs.

6- Quiet and Efficient

Elevators are powered either by an electric motor or hydraulic piston. Most home elevators use an electric motor along with a cable and pulley. These elevators, are quiet, safe, and efficient to operate.

The normal size of a residential elevator is four to five feet in length and width. Normally two adults can fit in the elevator. The elevator can also support a wheelchair-bound occupant accompanied by a caregiver.

7- Innovative Design Options

Homeowners are often presently surprised with the level of customization available in regard to home elevators. The homeowner can choose from a variety of materials, dimensions, and lighting options. The owner has the option also of choosing the power source for the elevator and whether the lift is located inside or outside the house.

8- Ease of Use

Most people have needed the use of an elevator one or more times in their life. There is nothing easier than pushing a button and being able to travel effortlessly between two levels of a building. The benefits are increased when encumbered with objects. Elevators are simple to use in the home and decreases wear and tear on the body.

More homeowners are now thinking of elevators as practical home additions. Because of this, residential elevators are no longer items used exclusively by elderly or disabled individuals. The eight ideas expressed above are all reasons given by homeowners to install an elevator in their homes.

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