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8 Tips to Prepare for Moving Day

Moving is often a huge process. Even a short move in the same region can take a lot of planning and energy. Larger and longer moves mean even more need to stay on track and prepare as carefully as possible. If you are planning a move of any kind, you’ll need to spend lots of time getting everything ready in advance before moving day. When you’re well prepared, the move is likely to be easier for all concerned.

Attend to Special Needs

Many people have family members who have special needs. A small child needs careful attention before and during the move. Make sure you have their car seat in an easy to reach place before the move begins. Give your child a special toy just for moving day. The same is true of your pets. You’ll want to give them a secure cage where they can stretch out in their home and get used to the space. Make sure your pet has enough to eat and drink as the move continues.

Change Your Address

Change your address as soon as you move. If you can, visit your new post office or go online. They’ll tell you want to do. This is one less thing you have to think about on your moving day.

Choose a Mover

Some people don’t need any help moving. They may have only a few items or they’d rather save money and do the move themselves. Most people hire movers. Keep in mind that movers can be harder to find during certain times of the year. For example, if you’re moving as back to school days approach, it’s a good idea to find movers at least a month in advance. Three days before the move begins, contact them directly. Make sure they know where you live right now and where you’re headed next. Confirm the date and time of the move as well as how many movers you’re using and if you’re using any additional moving trucks.

Check the Weather

Local weather conditions will dictate the details of your move. For example, if you’re planning to move during the winter, you’ll want to confirm you’re not heading out in a blizzard or if the roads are full of ice. You’ll also want to make sure the things you’re bringing with you are protected in the event of sudden rain or snow. Keep items like plastic bags on hand to keep unwanted moisture away from your sofa and your favorite paintings.

Clear a Path

Moving means grabbing lots of bulky items. Make sure your movers have the space they need to bring things from the outside easily. Each room should have a clear path in and out. This way, you don’t have to worry that anyone’s going to trip or break your wedding china before the moving day is finished. You also don’t your children in the way as the movers carry heavy objects.

Create a Checklist

Create a checklist that indicates what needs to be done and when it must be done. This should include how you’re going to get to your new home. It should also include who’s going to do what on that day. You might ask your husband to watch the children while you supervise the movers.

Have all Packing Materials on Hand

Packing materials are a must for any move. Many movers bring extras for their clients. At the same time, it’s best have all the basics on hand. You should have lots of boxes, additional packing tape and stickers indicating where each box goes after they bring it off the moving truck.

Prepare a Backup Plan

Even the best plans can be incomplete. The moving company may be running late. There could lots of traffic on the road. You might not yet have the key to your new home. It’s best to consider what might go wrong during the move and think about what you plan to do under those circumstances. A good backup plan will help you avoid panic and realize you’ve got all you need to get where you’re going to be.

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