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8 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids

Millions of people have some level of hearing loss. As a result, more and more people are getting hearing aids to be able to hear better. Today’s devices are tiny and capable of more than ever. They are also very expensive, even when your insurance can cover some portion of their cost. Considering how valuable hearing aids truly are in your everyday life, it’s important to properly maintain them. Here are eight tips for taking care of your hearing aids.

Handle with Care

First and foremost, you should always handle your hearing aids with care. They are tiny, durable and fragile all at the same time, not to mention you no doubt paid a lot of money for them. Avoid yanking on the wires and battery door and baby them to ensure they last for the long term.

Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands before handling your hearing aids. You want them to stay as clean as possible so they can function to their fully expected capacity. Remember, these are devices that help you to hear better, so they are extremely important.

Store Them in the Proper Place

When you are not using your hearing aids, you should store them in their case so they can stay dry and safe. Keep the case in an area that is out of the reach of children and pets. Your hearing aids should always be stored in their case when you go to bed or lay down for a nap. You may also want to place them in there when you take a shower.

Clean Them

Most hearing aid cases are equipped with a tiny brush for cleaning the wax guard, which go into your ears. This is because, over time, they become cluttered with wax. The brush is similar to a mascara wand and is made of wire and bristles to effectively clear away any wax that gets stuck on the guards.

Turn Them Off

It’s important to turn off your hearing aids when they are not in use. This is especially essential when you are turning in for the night. To do this, simply open the battery door on your hearing aids. It will help to keep your hearing aid batteries good. Unfortunately, many people who use hearing aids have learned the hard way that not opening the battery door at night has resulted in prematurely dead batteries.

Change the Filters and Wax Guards When Necessary

If your audiologist has shown you how to do so, you should change the filters and wax guards on your hearing aids when it’s necessary. You will know when this is needed as you will notice a distinct change in the way you hear while you are using your hearing aids. If your hearing suddenly seems muffled, it’s probably due to a buildup of wax, which is a sure sign the filters need replacing.

Avoid Using Hair Care Products Around Them

While it’s okay to use hairspray, gel and other hair care products while wearing your hearing aids, it’s important to avoid using them while you’re actually wearing them. Hearing aids are delicate and can be damaged if these kinds of products come into direct contact with them. Also, avoid using an aerosol spray deodorant while you’re wearing your hearing aids.

Additionally, although many hearing aids are water-resistant, you should try to avoid wearing them in the shower or in the pool or other bodies of water where you expect your head to get wet.

See Your Audiologist Regularly

Schedule regular six-month visits with your audiologist to properly maintain your hearing aids. Your audiologist can adjust the devices as needed and can help you to maintain and clean them if you are not effectively able to do so on your own. You can also get hearing tests while you’re at your hearing care specialist’s office to see whether you need to upgrade your hearing aids.

These tips will help you to take the best care of your hearing aids. As a result, you will get many years of usage out of them.

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