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8 Remodeling Mistakes and How-to Avoid Them

Remodeling a home can turn into a disaster without proper planning. Some problems might include inaccurate measuring, paint dribbles, choosing the wrong material, and even picking the wrong building contractor.

Window Replacement

Replacing windows can be a big upgrade in your home. After the old ones are removed, the framing needs to be properly inspected for rot before installing the new ones. This could lead to future problems, such as the windows shifting in the framework or even mold problems. This can be an unseen expense when remodeling, so having extra money in any remodeling project is well advised.

Choosing the Right Building Contractor

You need to get several bids on any remodeling work, yet taking the lowest bid could end up costing you more money in the long run. Having a work crew come in doing poor quality work using inferior products could be a disaster that should never happen. Always get several references when choosing a contractor and don’t scrimp on the materials that are to be used.

Picking the Right Paint

The wrong type of paint can make a mess in just about any room. Oil-based paints are harder to clean up after and take much longer to dry. A water-based acrylic type of paint is a lot easier to clean up splashes and drips with. They usually cost less and dry faster. Furniture, carpet, and other surfaces should be properly covered with drop cloths to protect them from paint drippings. Furniture and carpet can be ruined if paint were to be spilled on them.

A flat or matte type of paint is great for hiding small flaws in walls and ceilings. It’s very easy to paint with and is great for places in the house that have very little traffic. It’s also a good option for ceilings. A satin finish is a good choice in areas that have to be cleaned on a regular basis. A semi-gloss type of paint is great for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s also a good choice for doors and trim.

Picking the right color is also an important part of the painting process. Wanting a different color after one has been applied will be costly and time-consuming. Take home samples from the paint supply store and make sure you are happy with the color you choose.

Installing Carpet Wrong

Installing carpet wrong can lead to disasters. Buckling can occur causing people to trip. Problems with moisture before installing can lead to mold problems and the inability of the glue sticking properly. The adhesive also needs to set properly before the carpet is walked on. People walking on it too early can lead to bubbles and buckling. Always get references when picking someone to install your carpet.

Installing Insulation Correctly

If insulation is not installed correctly, there will be heat loss in the winter and cooling a house in summer will be a lot harder. Paper-backed fiberglass insulation always needs to be installed with the paper towards the heated area, or the living quarters of the house. If not installed correctly, there will be condensation which will ruin the insulating value and attract mold.

Drywall Problems

Finishing drywall is an art that most general contractors shy away from. It has to be properly taped with drywall mud applied correctly. Sanding the finished product to keep it level and smooth without any flaws is a talent that very few are good at. Always get several recommendations when looking for someone to finish the drywall in your home.

The Kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen takes special planning and measuring to get everything right. New appliances should be measured beforehand but not installed yet. This way there will be room to fit them in after counters and cabinets are installed. Always measure carefully since even a few fractions of an inch will throw everything off.


Waste needs to be figured in when remodeling. There will be pieces leftover that isn’t big enough to fit in with the intended project. There will invariably be something cut wrong which will need a new piece. Figure about fifteen percent over on all the materials that you need for your remodeling.

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