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8 Outfit Ideas for Summer Wedding Guests

Summer brings a crop of wedding invitations from friends and family. When you need to decide what to wear to a special event like a wedding, there are some important guidelines to consider first. Judge what you should wear by the formality of the event. An evening wedding with cocktails will require an entirely different approach than a beach or backyard wedding celebration.

The most important rule to follow when dressing for a wedding is to not upstage the bride. Not wearing white is an absolute rule unless the bride has specified it in the invitation. The wedding day is a time for the bride to shine, so try to stay away from overly vivid colors and revealing silhouettes. Within these boundaries, you have a great amount of creative freedom to wear a pretty, flattering outfit. These 8 summer outfit ideas will give you ideas and a place to start.

1. Red Knee-Length Dress

Red used to be a frowned-upon color for wedding guests, but this restriction has gone by the wayside over the years. Keep the neckline modest and the fabric casual: a red silk dress is probably too much. Flirty details like ruffles or pleats liven up a red dress and make it festive and charming for an outdoor or casual wedding.

2. Rich Bottle Green Ruched Dress

Choose a rich, saturated color like bottle green to brighten up the wedding. Add pretty details like draping or ruching to flatter your body while staying covered up. The modern and fashion-forward color will bring you a lot of compliments.

3. Try a Jumper or Pantsuit

You don’t have to go with a floral sundress for a casual wedding. Consider wearing a one-piece romper or a pantsuit. A tailored pair of slacks and a ruffled blouse that matches can be a dynamic, pretty outfit choice. Avoid rompers with shorts unless you are going to the most casual of weddings.

4. Classic Floral Sundress

While the classic floral sundress has been done many times before, it’s one of the tried and true wedding outfits for a reason. It’s possible to enliven your outfit to stand out from the crowd. You can dress up the classic floral sundress with a sparkly cardigan for the evening, with bold statement jewelry, or metallic heels. Try an asymmetrical hem for an updated look.

5. Lace Sheath Dress

A lace sheath dress is great for a more formal wedding. Choose a flattering but not overpowering color, or go with something classic like black for a cocktail wedding. Choose a dress that is not strapless. One shoulder dresses are fine. Make sure the dress fits well and is not too tight to move around in. You’ll want to dance at the wedding.

6. Flowing Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is comfortable and easy to wear to an event of any style. Dress it up with ruffles or a high-low hem. Have it tailored so it is flattering and doesn’t resemble a beach cover-up. You have dozens of possible color combinations and prints with this dress idea. A side slit can make the dress cooler for summer.

7. Beaded Evening Dress

For a formal affair in the summer, you can’t go wrong with a lovely beaded dress. Choose a novel pattern and a subtle color for the best effect. Since your dress is like jewelry, accent your outfit with subtle accessories. Carry a clutch purse and put on a regal look.

8. Crop Top and Skirt Looks

This is a novel idea that hasn’t been overdone in wedding circles. Look for a crop top and matching skirt in a basic color. Make sure there isn’t much midriff showing. Add a ruffle for a feminine look.

If you have any doubts about what would be appropriate attire for the wedding, ask the bride if you are close friends or family members. Otherwise, ask the bride’s mother or the maid of honor. They will tell you what the bridesmaids’ dresses are like and help you avoid being mistaken for one of them. The wedding party will appreciate your consideration in making the wedding day as perfect as it can be.

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