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8 Moments to Have a Personal Injury Lawyer on Speed Dial

After suffering a serious personal injury where another party may be at fault, many victims hesitate to call a personal injury lawyer, thinking that it will be too much of a hassle, or that their case is straightforward and won’t require a lawyer. But personal injury cases aren’t always as cut-and-dry as they seem, and in many cases, you’ll want to call a lawyer as soon as the accident or injury occurs. Here are eight of the most common cases where you’ll want to have a personal injury attorney on speed dial.

1. Car Accidents

Perhaps the most common case where a personal injury lawyer is crucial is for auto accident cases. In many states, car accident cases are focused on fault, so the victim faces not only the difficult task of proving the other driver was at fault, but also negotiating with insurance companies. (When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney) This is where an attorney comes in. Lawyers experienced in personal injury cases know how to examine the evidence and prove fault, and they may also contact medical professionals you’ve been treated by and even call them into the courtroom to help prove your case.

2. Medical Malpractice

Another case where you’ll need to call a personal injury lawyer is for malpractice cases, which include incompetent or harmful treatment at the hands of doctors, nurses or other medical staff. Both the medical and legal factors involved in these cases are complex, and extremely difficult to navigate without the help of an attorney. If possible, find a personal injury attorney who specializes in malpractice cases.

3. Injuries from Toxic Exposure

Toxic exposure injuries are becoming increasingly common in the globalized world, but proving that your injury or illness was due to exposure from contaminants in air, water or food can be difficult. These claims usually require detailed scientific data to prove, and industry lawyers will attempt to short-circuit your case at every turn. Because of these factors, proceeding without a personal injury lawyer is nearly impossible. (Personal Injury Claims)

4. Permanently Disabling Injuries

If you are permanently disabled in an accident where fault is involved, it can be complicated to find out how much your claim is worth. Aside from fault, there are tons of factors involved, including medical expenses, inability to work, and emotional damages. To get the most out of your case, call a personal injury lawyer.

5. Work-Related Injuries

If you’re injured at work and your employer or an equipment manufacturer is at fault, you’ll want to have your personal injury lawyer on speed dial. This is another case where proving fault can be difficult, and many employers will have teams of expert lawyers that you don’t want to face on your own.

6. Slip and Fall Injuries

Surprisingly to some, slip and fall injuries are one of the more common personal injury cases. If a slippery surface wasn’t labelled as such and serious injury occurs from the fall, you likely have a personal injury case. As with other similar cases, however, proving fault can be difficult, so tackling these cases without a lawyer is not recommended.

7. Product Liability

Product liability cases refer to injuries sustained from a product that is either defectively manufactured or inadequately labelled with warnings. In these cases, the injured party must prove that the injury was a direct result of a defect in design or manufacturing, or that the injury could have been avoided with adequate warning labels on the product. Because these cases are common, manufacturers will have expert lawyers ready to argue that it was the fault of the victim. To strengthen your case, rely on a personal injury lawyer.

8. Animal Attacks

One final case where you’ll want a personal injury lawyer is in the event of an attack where the owner may be at fault. This includes attacks from pets, such as dogs, as well as animals owned by a zoo or other business. These cases can be tricky, since the attacker is an animal and therefore not capable of rational thought, and defendants can argue that the animal was provoked, so you’ll want to call a personal injury attorney experienced in these cases.

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