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8 Key Ways to Have a Beach Wedding in the Winter

Getting married during the winter season doesn’t mean that you should be limited to where you tie the knot. If you want to get married at the beach, you get still host the event near the water while in a winter wonderland. When you’re in the planning process after getting engaged, there are a few keys ways to have a beach wedding during the colder months of the year.

  1. Experiment with Color

According to, don’t be afraid to experiment with color to match the tropical location instead of using winter whites and reds that can look out of place on the sand. Opt for lime, yellow, and pink color shades to make your attire and decor match the setting even in the middle of winter.

  1. Make Use of Outdoor Heaters

During the ceremony, allow your guests to feel comfortable and cozy outside by using outdoor heaters that can be placed near the chairs at the ceremony. You can also provide blankets and wraps to your family members and friends to use to stay warm while watching you walk down the aisle and exchange your vows. Allow your bridesmaids to feel more comfortable by providing them with shawls that can be draped over their dress. You can also select long-sleeve dresses for them to wear instead of strapless gowns.

  1. Host the Reception Indoors

Allow your guests to get a beautiful view of the ocean during the ceremony, which will work as the backdrop of the event. When it’s time for the reception, head indoors to ensure that everyone can feel comfortable and at ease. Choose a venue that is in proximity to where you’re hosting the ceremony to ensure that the guests can still enjoy the views of the ocean.

  1. Serve Warm Drinks

According to, serve warm drinks to keep your guests warm as they mingle and dance throughout the night. Consider having a coffee or tea bar that is available where your guests can sip on beverages during the event. Hot chocolate and apple cider are also ideal and can be available during the cocktail hour or when serving the cake. Mulled wine is another option if you’re serving alcoholic beverages.

  1. Prepare for Rain

There’s always a chance of rain during the winter season, making it necessary to prepare for the worst if the weather conditions change at the last minute. You may need to rent a tent to use if it begins to drizzle before the wedding starts. You’ll also need to have a backup plan if your vendors cancel at the last minute due to inclement weather. Create a playlist that can be used if your DJ doesn’t arrive and ask a guest to bring their professional camera if your photographer cancels.

  1. Make the Ceremony Short

A wedding on the sand in the winter will mean that your guests will only be able to survive the cold temperatures for a certain amount of time if it’s a chilly day. Make it a point to keep the ceremony short and ask the person who is officiating the wedding to keep it under 20 minutes before the guests begin to shiver.

  1. Research the Weather in Past Years

Do your research by looking online at how many times it’s rained or snowed in past years on the day that you’re getting married. By looking at the weather conditions for the past five years for the date that you’re hosting your event, you can get an idea if it’s likely to be a clear day with moderate temperatures.

  1. Communicate with Your Guests

You’ll want to communicate with your guests that they’ll be attending an outdoor wedding in the winter to ensure that they’re prepared. Recommend that they dress warm and bring an extra jacket to ensure that they can remain comfortable outside when sending out the wedding invitations. Some people may also want to bring umbrellas if it begins to rain.

Hosting a beach wedding may require more planning during the winter season but is still possible. With the right steps taken, you can enjoy having a beautiful outdoor ceremony that is memorable and is everything that you’ve dreamed.

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