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8 Innovative Ways to Decorate for a Low-Budget Wedding

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. With the expenses and constant planning, it can also drive people crazy. While some people will go above and beyond for their wedding day, finances may be a restriction for others. It’s not impossible to save money while planning your wedding. People spends thousands on venues and decor, but anyone can have the wedding of their dreams with a little creativity. If you didn’t feel crafty before, get ready to learn some cool ways to transform your wedding without draining your pockets.

1. D.I.Y Boutonnieres

Personalized boutonnieres are very fun to style and decorate. Wearing a customized boutonniere will be a great addition to a truly unique wedding. To create a boutonniere, you will need a durable flower that can endure handling, cut the stem of the flower to a length of 3 inches, place a greenery behind your flower, and wrap the stems with wire. A ribbon can be wrapped around the boutonniere and then secure with a pearl pin. To make sure your boutonniere lasts, spritz it with water and refrigerate in a container.

2. Party Favors

Party favors make good gifts for those attending a wedding, according to Just Artifacts. Also, if decorated properly, they can add more pizzazz to the room. Some great small wedding favors are candy, candles, cookies, and wine glasses. These small tokens of gratitude would not be complete without appropriate decoration. An assortment of chocolates can be arranged in a small box and wrapped with ribbons. Regardless of the wedding favor, guests will admire the detail.

3. Bouquets

D.I.Y hand-tied bouquets are the best. Whether the bride wants to make her entrance holding a hand-selected assortment of dahlias, garden roses, lavender, or daisies, it’s totally up to her. After you pick flowers from a floral store or garden, you can tie a ribbon around the base of the flowers to secure them. Whoever catches the bouquet will surely appreciate the effort!

4. Curtains

Customizing curtains for a fascinating backdrop is a rather simple process. Sheer silk curtains or tulle curtains would work fine. To achieve a lighted backdrop, I recommend illuminated sheers or placing LED lights on top of the silk curtains. These drapes are sure to create a magical ambiance.

5. Ceiling Decor

There are so many things you can do when decorating the ceiling. Garlands, balloons, honeycomb balls, and origami are inexpensive. Although origami might require some work, the finished product is breathtaking. You can forget about spending your life’s saving on hundreds of expensive balloons. Purchasing the standard balloons and decorating it with flowers or glitter might be a better alternative.

6. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Assembling your flower assortments is a lot cheaper than hiring a florist. Floral shops have a wide variety of flowers you can choose from to create floor bouquets. You can place these flowers in large glass vases alongside the aisle. To add more spice, you can color the glass jars with acetone (nail polish remover) and vitrail glass paint.

7. Centerpieces

Yes, the wedding ceremony is over, and everyone is ready for the reception. Decorating tables for the reception doesn’t have to be super expensive. In fact, some of the items we’re about to discuss are at the dollar store. Centerpieces are a vital part when decorating the tables for your guests. Mason jars are excellent candidates when it comes to centerpieces. They’re clear, and you can fill them with almost anything depending on the wedding theme. You can fill them with sand, sea shells, marbles, flowers, pine cones, lights, pebbles, or candles. The list goes on. One of my personal favorites is the floating candle centerpiece. With this decoration, a flower is put in a mason jar, submerged in water, and a floating candle will be on top. The appearance of this decoration is intimate, raw, and gives off a warm feeling. The elements of nature and the warmth of the candle both intertwine perfectly.

8. Tablecloths

Those centerpieces have to have something elegant to go on. Every detail counts and people should never settle when planning for a wedding. There are many different tablecloths with different textures and colors. However, the tablecloth you have your eye on might not be available in the size you need it. The best option when choosing tablecloths is going to a fabric store such as Hobby Lobby. Not only will you get to see the many different color option, but you also get to feel the fabric. Above all, you can get the perfect measurement for your table and have the fabric cut for a very low price.

There’s no reason why a couple can’t have the wedding of their dreams without having to go over budget. With careful planning and a little creativity, decorating a wedding is made easy.

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