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8 Creative Stocking Stuffers

When it comes to Christmas shopping, it’s easy to put off the stocking stuffers. Typically, people give the same sorts of stocking stuffers: candy, mints, and stickers for the kids, and perhaps chocolate bar and a few travel sized toiletry items for the adults. This year, get creative with your stocking stuffers and keep the Christmas magic going for even longer with these fun choices.

1) Unique candle

Add a fun twist to the candle that you give your mom every year. Some candle companies offer products that have rings, necklaces, or earrings buried deep in the wax. The candle recipient won’t know what the prize is until the candle burns all of the way down, which doubles the fun of this gift. There are also candle companies that will add a custom photo and message to any of their jars, which is a great way to add some personality to your sister in law’s favorite scent.

2) Accessories

Skip the candy aisle this year for stocking stuffers and head into the accessories section instead. There, you can grab warm beanies for Dad, earmuffs for the kids, and gloves for Mom. Costume jewelry also makes a fun and inexpensive gift to give, and you’re sure to find plenty of options in the accessories area of your favorite store. Another great accessory that will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces are socks with quirky prints or fun sayings.

3) Paperback book

Raid the bargain bin at your local store to find discount paperback books for everyone’s stockings. There’s sure to be something for everyone on your list: a coloring book for your youngest cousins, a guide to gardening for your sister in law, a cookbook for your mom, and a book on vintage cars for your dad. Purchasing inexpensive paperbacks will get your family excited about reading while allowing you plenty of room in your stocking stuffers budget for even more.

4) Deck of cards

Grab a standard set of cards for all of the adults, and buy Go Fish for the kids. Other great kids’ card games include Old Maid and decks for matching card games. Decks of cards usually only run a few dollars a piece, which makes them a fun and thrifty choice.

5) Magazine

Another inexpensive but impactful gift choice, magazines are a great way to personalize your stocking stuffers. There is such a wide array of magazine choices out there that you can find something for every taste. If it’s a particularly small magazine niche, give yourself enough time to order an issue online and have it delivered before Christmas. Otherwise, you’re likely to find a gracious selection of magazines with larger circulations at your local bookstore.

6) A subscription box for the coming months

Keep the fun coming throughout the year with a subscription box service. Gift a food subscription box to the busy newlyweds in the family, or a science kit set to your niece and nephew. Subscription boxes can be purchased that focus on everything from Disney memorabilia to personal shopping services, so find the one that best fits your recipient’s needs and likes.

7) Gift card

Everyone loves a gift card since it gives them nearly unlimited options on what to purchase. In particular, kids love having their own money to take into stores and select the perfect item. There are gift cards available to local restaurants, national chain stores, and everything in between.

8) Small notebook

As an adult, you can’t ever have too many small notebooks: they’re great for jotting down grocery lists or quick reminders about your job. Kids love them as they’re easy to take for on-the-go coloring sessions. Best of all, you can find small notebooks for just $1-2 at dollar stores and in the stationery section of most big box stores. At that price, everyone can get a few!

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