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8 Creative Corporate Events Ideas

Employees rate corporate events on one metric; how much fun they had. For the planners, the success of a corporate event goes beyond good food, excellent entertainment, and a stunning venue. The first thing that comes to mind when planning a corporate event is the objective. The success or failure of each event depends on whether the target is met.

Some events might seek to make work more fun while others are done with no regard to work. So without further ado, here are the creative ideas for corporate events that you can try out;

1. Volunteer

Why not have a good time for a good cause? This corporate event can be a lot of fun if planned right. Consider how to make the volunteering fun. When choosing to volunteer, outdoor events on a sunny day can be perfect to lift everyone’s spirits.

Working with children tends to bring the best out of most people. A fun day playing with underprivileged children is worth considering. Other events include cleanups, serving at local soup kitchens and skill-based volunteering.

2. Lots of work? Take it out of the office

When there’s a load of work, it helps to keep spirits high and meet targets. In such a case, work in a unique, fun setting can have a rewarding effect. For creative processes, this idea allows you to employ brainstorming sessions with a difference.
The options are unlimited, but the basics include;

• Set casual dress code, or go further and do costumes like Halloween, Santa or other interesting characters.

• Hold the event outdoors if weather permits

• Add a few treats and remember they love good food too.

• Spoil your staff by letting them leave early on the final day of the event.

3. Project-based events

Use this to work on a project in unique ways. A creative idea includes verbal rather than PowerPoint presentations. Other ideas include meetings on floating boats or rooftops if everyone is okay with heights. Exceptional food goes well with this type of event.

During the event, the focus is on working together on a project in a creative interactive way.

4. Corporate bonding events

These can be tricky if employees see them as another work event. So these events must be fun to the extent that employees would rather attend them than have an off day. That might be a hard ask, but at least make it as rewarding and fun as possible.

This allows for many possibilities from the customary ball games to sightseeing tours and even competitions.

You can hold them outdoors, like visiting a park, hiking, or a picnic. Indoor options like attending shows can also be fun.

With a little understanding about the employees, it is easy to come up with events that will be fun and make the bonding work.

5. Recreational events

These can differ from bonding events in the sense that the activities are not those that promote bonding. Skydiving might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a talent night or comedy night can work.

The aim is to let employees engage in their favorite games and activities.Some events can be competitions. These events should be reminisced about by employees later because they were fun.

6. Experience events

These can help develop the workforce or expose them to things they only dream about. For instance, hiring a top-notch musician to perform.

Other experiences can include visits to an iconic attraction. You can also go on a tour of a factory and organize for custom souvenirs like watches, phone covers, and other tokens.

7. Secrecy events

This can be any of the above events but with a unique, spy like feel. For these events, you want to surprise employees with a treat. It can be the screening of an anticipated movie or a talk in some mysterious part of town by a known industry guru.

8. Entertainment events

This includes attending concerts, festivals or sports events. Activities here should be what the workers would want to do on their fun day out, but with a corporate twist. Attending concerts by superstars is one way of making these events memorable. Calling them to perform in-house and sign autographs is even better if the budget allows.

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