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7 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child For College

Summer school is not just for children who struggle to keep up during the academic year. It is a wonderful way to help your child stay ahead with their courses and prepare for the academic rigor that they will encounter in college. If your child plays sports competitively during the school year, summer school can be a great way to take some of the pressure off of scheduling and allow your child to space out their more challenging coursework throughout the year. Check out the following reasons why summer school might just be the best way to prepare your child for college

1. Help prevent summer learning loss.

Summer learning loss refers to the backslide in academic progress that children experience after not being exposed to their regular curriculum for months. Studies show that children experience a decline in their recall of fundamental concepts after just two months of summer vacation. Summer school is an effective way to help students retain the information that they learn during the school year so that they are ready to start the next school year building on that learning foundation. This helps students start the next school year more confident in their abilities and ready to continue learning. 

2. Summer school teaches kids that learning is fun.

There is no longer a bad stigma surrounding summer school that it is a punishment for kids who do not perform well during the school year. Summer school is a way to make learning fun and explore opportunities that there may not be time for in the traditional academic schedule. This prepares kids to enjoy learning in college and see education as a lifelong pursuit. 

3. Summer school can boost your child’s college application.

Colleges and universities view children who engage in year-round learning activities favorably. It demonstrates that the child is proactive about making the most of their learning experience. Any boost that you can provide your child in the increasingly competitive college admissions process is a win. 

4. Summer school prepares children for the demands of college life.

Summer school instills a stronger work ethic in your child. Many college students take a supplemental course over the summer or participate in an internship program. Starting this process early is a good way to set your child up to meet expectations in child and maximize all of their learning opportunities. They will learn to embrace the challenge of staying engaged throughout the year. It also prepares them for managing their time more effectively so that they still have time to participate in summer fun after their school work is complete. 

5. Summer school keeps your kids engaged socially throughout the year.

Having excellent social skills is an important part of success in college and beyond. Giving your child a chance to interact with others in a structured environment over the summer reinforces good social skills. Colleges view this favorably in evaluating applications as well. 

6. Summer school is an amazing opportunity for your child to learn a unique skill.

Summer school does not just have to focus on traditional academic classes. It is a chance for children to explore other interests that they may not have time to get to during the school year. This is an excellent time to start teaching a new language because children can spend more time exploring cultural opportunities and immersing themselves in a different language. If you are able to combine this with travel opportunities, this is even better for an incredible learning experience. 

7. Summer school helps maintain a routine.

One of the biggest challenges for young kids returning to school is getting back into the swing of a routine. Summer school takes some of the shock out of returning for a new school year and helps kids stay on a regular schedule. This includes going to bed and waking up at reasonable hours, which is crucial to their physical development as well. Keeping a constant routine also helps reduce behavioral problems for some kids.

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