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7 Unique Fundraising Ideas For Elementary Schools

Selecting the right kind of fundraiser for your school is never an easy task. It needs to be an event that catches a right amount of attention, and also needs to be something that will pique people’s interest, encouraging them to donate. The fundraiser that you choose should be something that offers a good amount of value to those attending them and should be something that people would enjoy.

There are numerous options that one can choose from when going in for this kind of event, and picking the right one is incredibly important. While there are the conventional ideas like bake sales and raffles that schools usually go in for, these might not always attract the large audiences that you need. Going in for something that is completely out of the box can work incredibly well, and cause people to eagerly await the event.  If you are looking for unique ideas for your school fundraiser, these are a few that you can go in for:

1. Parent’s Party

Parents are the main people that need to be interested in the fundraiser that you are hosting, even if it is taking place in an elementary school. While most events are catered to the children attending these schools, the parents don’t get to partake in many activities in this space. Having a parent’s party so that the student’s parents can meet each other is a great way to raise a good amount of money and give the parents an event that they will want to attend.

2. Spring Flower Festival

Having an event that is fun and inculcates good values is always something that parents like to send their children too, and a spring flower festival is a beautiful way to do that. In this event, parents can spend a few dollars to get a flowering plant that their child can plant in a part of the school. This isn’t only an event that is beneficial for the school but can also teach children how to tend to plants on their own. Moreover, children will be excited when they see their plants blooming in the place that they planted it in.

3. Recycling Day

Recycling is another way to teach children important values while enabling them to fundraise for the school. Have a day when children can bring recyclable materials to be donated to recycling centers. These centers pay a certain amount for the materials brought in, which can then be used for the school’s funds. This is a great way to get children into recycling and teach them the importance of sustainability.

4. Superhero Run

A Superhero Run is a fun and unique activity, and a great fundraising event to host. Children can dress up as their favorite superhero characters and take part in a few races. The costumes can be low budget, and seeing adorable children is definitely something that will encourage parents to donate. Moreover, you can have a few stalls that have photo ops that parents can pay for if they want a cute picture of their child.

5. Winter Carnival

A winter carnival is one of the most diverse kinds of fundraising events and can be easily done, even on a smaller budget. Schools can have their students put up stalls or shows depending on what they like, and parents can also be allowed to attend these events.

6. Clothing Drive

A clothing drive is something that is fairly similar to the recycling drive, but instead of plastic and metal, one has to donate pieces of cloth and clothing. There are a number of cloth recycling centers that take in old clothes to be recycled. Donating these to a shelter or a second-hand store is also a good option that can help raise some money.

7. Film Day

Film Day is one of the easiest kinds of events to host in an elementary school since all it needs is a big hall and a projector screen. One or two films can be screened here, and students are charged a minimal amount as an entrance fee for this movie. This kind of event is something that children will definitely look forward to and is something that parents will also let their children indulge in.

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