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7 Truths to Know About a Pest Control Company Before Booking

As a homeowner, one of the most necessary services that you’ll need throughout the year is to hire a pest control service to spray your property. From roaches to ants, there is a long list of critters that can threaten the quality of your home. When you’re looking to hire a pest control company, there are a few truths to know before booking an appointment.

1. Experience in the Industry

It’s important to look for a pest control company that has several years of experience in the industry to ensure that they’re qualified to perform the job. Their experience will determine their level of knowledge, which will allow you to have your questions answered with each visit to your home.

Some professionals may not be able to answer all of your questions but will still prove to be reputable if they’re honest and admit that they aren’t sure. They should offer to research the answer to ensure that your needs are met.

2. References are Essential

According to, you should request a list of references from the pest control company before booking an appointment. Although the company may appear to be professional, their clients will be able to tell you if they offer quality service.

Make it a point to call three different references and ask about their experience. Check to see if the job was completed efficiently and if the technician arrived on time. It’s also important to ask if the pest issues were resolved or if the problems persisted in the weeks following the appointment. Hire a company that has customers who have been loyal and continue to use the services for many years.

3. Avoid Going with the Lowest Price

An important step to take when looking for the right pest control company is to obtain different estimates from a few companies in the local area. Although it may be alluring to hire a company that offers you the lowest rate, it doesn’t mean that you’ll receive quality service. The top companies use quality sprays and products that will prevent bugs and insects from reappearing on the property. Opt for a company that offers moderate prices but still has discounts or promotions available at different times of the year.

4. Each Company Uses Different Chemicals

The quality and effectiveness of the chemicals that are used vary, making it necessary to ask about the types of products that are used beforehand. Some chemicals that are sprayed may also not be safe for children or pets. The top professionals will be willing to discuss the chemicals that they use and will have transparency. All of the chemicals that are sprayed should also be labeled. Look for a technician that can provide you with a Material Safety Data Sheet to ensure that they’re organized and upfront with what they’re using inside of your home and the yard.

5. Check Their Background

You’ll need to investigate the background of the company to ensure that they are reputable and don’t have any complaints that have been filed from former customers. Look up their name on the Better Business Bureau and research reviews that have been posted online. The company should also be licensed and bonded to ensure that you’re protected with each appointment that is scheduled.

6. Consultations are Necessary

Many people make the mistake of failing to meet with the technician in person before the first appointment. Scheduling a consultation will allow you to meet face to face and evaluate their professionalism and how well they communicate. They should wear a uniform and should be informed about the services that are provided. Check out the condition of their office and if they seem organized.

7. Look for Red Flags

There are a few red flags to look for that indicate that you should steer clear of certain companies. If the technician doesn’t have an address posted or business cards, then it’s best to keep looking, according to They should also have a website or social media pages, which will show you if they have a high following of customers and are established as a local company.

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