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7 Tips for Selling Your Timeshare to an Investment Company

There are a number of investment companies out there that are ready to take your timeshare off your hands. Many timeshare owners worry that they will not be able to sale their ownership, but this is not the case. The following are seven tips that may help you sell your property.

1. Highlight Perks

You own a timeshare, so you know the perks it offers. You should try to use that to your advantage. A survey shows that timeshares attract more travelers, and it also shows that travelers are happier. Sure, most people think travel is already exciting, but the truth is that it becomes stressful if you have to worry about things like accommodations. You can share this information with a potential buyer.

2. Honest Value

It is important that you do not try to oversell your property. You should try to sell your timeshare around the price it is worth. “Investment companies know when you are trying to make a big profit and will pass on the offer,” said Allied Solution Group. The goal is to get rid of your property so that will not work. Of course, do not go under the value of your property just to make a sell because you will end up losing money.

3. Real Value

Some people out there will know the value of your timeshare, but some may not. It might be time to get the estimated market value of the property, which you can get from a real estate broker. Now, keep in mind that a real estate broker should not charge you for this help. This person will likely be honest, but it might be a good idea to get a few estimates. Stick to the average among the quoted prices for your property.

4. Hire a Real Estate Agent

Potential buyers may know a thing or two about timeshares but could not. This is where the help of an expert real estate agent will come in handy. The agent will give legitimacy to the entire transaction and should help ensure you are given a fair deal. Keep in mind that a real estate agent usually gets paid after the transaction is complete, so be leery of those who are asking for an upfront fee. What you need to remember is that real estate agents are working for you, so it’s okay to interview a few before settling on one.

5. Be Orderly

You need to take this entire transaction seriously. One thing potential buyers look down on is a seller who makes silly mistakes, like not having everything in order. Be sure to have the deed and all other documents ready, including how much it costs to maintain the property. All this information will be helpful for you when you are attempting to sell the property. Try to have this information on a cloud doc or on paper whenever you are meeting or talking to an investment company about your timeshare.

6. Transferring

You need to call your resort before trying to sell your timeshare. You never know what you might learn. For example, some resorts have a quick sale program that helps sellers, like you, find a buyer without lifting a finger. Now, you might lose a little money by not selling it on your own, but this option works for those looking to get rid of the property quickly. You might also find out if they charge a commission for the sale or if the new owners are guaranteed the same perks and benefits you enjoyed.

7. Advertise

It might be a good idea to advertise your timeshare through online and paper vacation newspapers. You should concentrate on the area where your timeshare is located as it could attract people who are actually interested in traveling to those locations already. You should also consider placing your timeshare on different timeshare websites that have listings of available timeshares. This might get investment companies to call you.

These are just a few ideas that might help you sell your timeshare to an investment company, but remain open to other ideas if real estate agents offer more tips.