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7 Strange Uses for Storage Containers You Won’t Believe

Most people imagine an old, rusty steel container when they think of shipping containers. They are commonly used to ship large amounts of products across vast miles of ocean from other countries. While this is actually the main purpose of the containers, many people have found some odd uses for them. They are quite indestructible and durable. Because of their strength and affordability, many people have found some odd and interesting uses for them. Their cost-effectiveness allows those with imaginations to create amazing projects with them. Below are some uses of storage containers you may not believe!

A Vacation Retreat

A lot of people are well aware of the trend of turning shipping containers into small homes. However, the sizes of the containers don’t typically offer enough space for most people. They do, on the other hand, offer plenty of space for temporary purposes. One great idea people are coming up with is turning their shipping containers into vacation retreats. You can easily have a container shipped to a nice forest or beach location. It can be more affordable than renting a location for your vacation time. The shipping containers are made of durable materials that will last for years to come.


Shipping containers were originally designed with portability in mind. Some people are using this when coming up with ideas for their use with them. One idea some have put into action is putting containers on wheels. It can make a great hangout spot for your family and friends. You can hook it up to your truck the same way you do a boat or travel trailer.

Container Cities

Some home designers have gone crazy using shipping containers to create full cities. In London, a designer used numerous containers to create a full lot of affordable homes. They are stacked as much as three or four high and some have balconies created where the storage container doors were. For homes, the containers offer durability and versatility. Containers can come in a variety of sizes and shapes to offer you the freedom to build a space that suits your needs.


There are some people around the world obsessed with staying safe. Underground bunkers are a safe haven many have sought to have for when things go south. When building a bunker, why not use something as durable and strong as a shipping container? With some safety precautions and modifications, shipping container units offer protection underground and shelter from many occurrences such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other types of unplanned attacks. The steel roofs are not meant to last long under heavy loads, however. When bunkers are created using containers underground, special provisions will need to be taken.

Pop-Up Shops and Restaurants

If you are a chef or a cook and want to open your own restaurant, shipping containers make great pop-up restaurants. Instead of waiting for customers to find you at a location, you can take your restaurant to them. You can travel and set up at events or popular locations. If you are looking to get into retail, shipping containers make great portable shops.

Backyard Shed

A humble shed in your backyard is another surprising way some people are using the shipping containers they purchase. For some, it can be a nice she-shed or a man-cave to escape from the family in. For others, it may be an optimal place to store tools and a mower. No matter what you plan to keep in it, it is an affordable storage option for any backyard. They are a strong and weatherproof shed option.

Swimming Pool

If you have always wanted a swimming pool in your backyard but could not afford one being built, a shipping container may be able to help you afford your dreams. A single container can make a perfect size pool for your backyard and is easy to get shipped to your home and set up. No digging or major construction work will be necessary. If you want, there are many companies that will create the pool out of a shipping container for you. They will line the container, add a filter and any extras you may want. They can add heat pumps, ladders and underwater lighting system.

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