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7 Low-Cost Gift Ideas for Preschool Teachers

Preschool teachers have a really tough job. They take care of our little ones all day long, day in and day out! So of course, you want to give them a great gift to show your appreciation at one point during the year, whether for the holidays or at the end of the school year. However, you don’t want to deplete your budget, either! Let’s look at seven lost cost gift ideas that any preschool teacher would love.

1.Personal Tote Bag

Teachers have to haul stuff in and out of the classroom every day. A personalized tote bag is an adorable idea for preschool teachers, especially since it is highly useful. You can find many websites that will personalize a cute tote bag with a name, initial, or even a favorite phrase or picture for a low price. They will love that you personalized something that they can easily use every single day.

2.Summer Gift Basket

Is preschool over and summer just around the corner? Pick up a bunch of cheap items at your local dollar store for a cute summer gift basket. A small tote bag can hold items like sunscreen, lotion, sunglasses, swim goggles, and a beach towel. If your preschool teacher has young kids, you can throw in a few plastic sand toys for good measure. If your budget allows for it, add in a gift card for a local bookstore or music app gift card for lazy days by the pool or at the beach.

3.Candy Basket

Who doesn’t love a gift of sweets? Put together a personalized goodie basket filled with local chocolates and candy from a specialty shop, along with other sweet treats your teacher will love. Just be sure he or she does not have any type of allergy before putting together this type of gift! You can really get creative for a low price when you choose a candy basket as a gift.

4.Gift Cards

Gift cards are still the number one gift that everyone loves. They are also a good idea when you really don’t know what your preschool teacher likes. Best of all, you can find one for a local store that you know he or she frequents or for online shops. If you really don’t know what type of gift card to get, check out the top ten gift cards to buy, according to CNBC. Also, an online gift card to eBay or Amazon is a great idea, as you can find anything you want on either website! Have your preschooler make a personalized greeting card to deliver it in and you are all set!

5.Personal Notepads

Preschool teachers are constantly writing notes, adjusting schedules, keeping track of school functions, and more. A personalized notepad is sure to help them out while they do it! He or she will really enjoy having their own personal stationary instead of scribbling on random sheets of paper. Plus, this is an inexpensive gift that won’t hurt your budget. There are lots of online companies that offer this type of gift for a low price.

6.Desk Organizer

No doubt your preschool teacher has pens, pencils, paperclips, rubber bands, and so much more all over their desk in disarray. A desk organizer is a wonderful, useful gift that he or she will genuinely appreciate and use every day. They will be able to stay organized better while looking at papers and schedules.

7.Hand Creams

Your preschool teacher is probably shuffling through hundreds of papers a day. Not only that, he or she is helping with jackets, shoes, coats, backpacks, and lunch boxes all day long. They more than likely have to wash their hands over and over again, so what better gift to give than some delightful hand cream? If they have a favorite fragrance, you can even personalize your choice.

Remember, your preschool teacher will be appreciative no matter what. They work hard and are usually happy to hear that they are doing a good job! Include a personalized thank-you in whatever gift you give to really make your preschool teacher feel good about themselves. Everyone deserves to hear that they are doing a good job, especially teachers!

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