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7 Key Reasons Small Businesses Benefit from TV Advertisements

If you’ve been listening to the news, you know that, on average, millennials are watching less conventional TV. While that’s certainly an important fact to consider, it’s crucial to consider why audiences’ viewing habits are changing. As a small business owner, you shouldn’t make your marketing decisions based solely on traditional viewing patterns. Here, you’ll learn several ways your business can benefit from TV advertising.

1- A Captive Audience

Although viewers receive video content in a variety of ways, they’re still using their TV screens for most things. According to Nielsen’s 2016 metrics report, more than 92% of all video viewing among American adults happens via television screens. TV advertising is a great way for you to get your small business’s marketing message in front of a captive audience.

2- Potential Customers Can Watch Anywhere

Television is pervasive in our culture; it’s everywhere we look. Wide access certainly helps, as does the fact that video is a preferred format, particularly among millennials. The prevalence of smartphones and tablets, better mobile data plans, and constant access to Wi-Fi will keep increasing the size of the video-on-demand audience. By building a TV presence, you’ll give your small business greater credibility and expose your brand to a wider market segment.

3- Building Brand Loyalty

Sports, live entertainment, and television serials attract attentive, loyal audiences, and “appointment viewing” is still quite common. While recent controversies have affected NFL viewership, it’s safe to say that professional sports are still popular. Even news-only channels are enjoying viewership increases, and you can capitalize on that by running a few TV ads.

4- Online and TV Advertising Offer a One-Two Punch

Television advertising is vital for online and small businesses, as it exposes them to a much wider audience than other ad media. TV ads drive all other promotional forms. While a viewer may use other devices while they watch television, they’re still engaging with TV content and sharing it with friends and followers via social media. Programmers and advertisers will continue using television to encourage viewers to engage with other content online, building brand recognition and nurturing consumer relationships. By combining your online marketing efforts with TV advertising, you’ll increase the synergy over time.

5- Advertising Formats Can be Adapted to Improve the Viewer Experience

Recently, networks have begun using shorter ads. This move has come as television audiences have become used to the abbreviated format in the online ad space and networks have moved to reduce clutter in efforts to retain viewership. By bringing your shortened ad strategies into the TV advertising realm, you can grab and hold viewers’ attention.

6- Catching Customers Where They Are

Targeting a television audience used to be limited to choosing the right program or niche network. However, audience selection is getting easier and better thanks to addressable advertising and behavioral targeting. With these TV advertising strategies, you’ll more effectively catch customers at the right point in the buyer journey.

7- Surprising Affordability

While the term ‘affordable’ is relative, especially for small business owners, TV advertising can be cost-effective if you know how to purchase it and where to find it. Buyers and media planners are always looking for ways to offer their clients more value, and in many cases, last-minute deals are available. You’ve got to be in it to win it, and if you are, advertising on TV can be surprisingly affordable.

As the advertising landscape evolves, it’s your responsibility as a small business owner to look for opportunities that reinforce your marketing message and build brand loyalty. With TV advertising, you can accomplish two goals: getting in front of the appropriate audience and encouraging them to engage with your brand.

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